Apr 29 2010Wrong, That's How You Did It: Parking Fail


A 67-year old man backed his Mercedes (you're too old to drive!) through the wall of a parking garage on the 7th floor. That's higher than six! But nowhere near as high as my roommate (he just tried walking through the screen door again).

'The driver got his foot stuck under the accelerator and couldn't get it unstuck.

'He was coming across the back of the parking garage and he created a little bit of momentum because he went quite a distance and hit this wall and almost came all the way out.'

Bricks flew up to 80 feet on to a car park below, Cpl Crow added.

'We're very lucky no-one was walking there,' he said.

Now I know what you're thinking, and I'm with you -- I can't believe it wasn't a woman either.

Hit the jump for three more shots of the HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!




Where did you park the car, honey? Merecedes left dangling seven storeys up after smashing through wall [dailymail]

Thanks to Aaron, who once parked his car in a neighbor's pool and just took the plates off and pretended it wasn't his.

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fifth!! ami I doin it right?

BULLSHIT it was a woman they are just trying to be nice to the kitchen dwellers!

Way to half-ass it... If that were me, I'd have gone all the way through..


It must be a Toyota

Exactly the same as all those Toyota and Audi (historically) accidents I am sure.

It has to be a girl in disguise. IT HAS TOO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How the hell do you get your foot caught UNDER the gas pedal? It had to have been a woman!!

Kinda reminds me of that time i tried to make wings out of used umbrellas...

Why doesn't cool stuff like this ever happen to me?

...but if you're foot is stuck UNDER the accelerator doesn't that make it impossible to accelerate? You kinda have to PUSH the accelerator DOWN to make anything happen... Am I missing something here?

That doesn't look like it's "alomost all the way out" it's not even half way out.


............really chad, really?


the story made it sound like he accelerated forward into the wall, but in the pics it looks like the back of the car sticking out of the wall.

maybe its just me.

All he did was have it in reverse and hit the accelerator, saw he was going backwards and freaked out and hit the gas. Seen it before, but never this funny.

BTW: The 67 year old guy WAS Asian......I kid, I kid.....

My boss is the structural engineer who got called to inspect the building damage. From the pictures he took it looks like if that car had just a few more mph when he hit the wall the entire car would have fallen out of the building. Glad that Tulsa made it to Geekologie!

Man no fun when it happens to your grampa. MIne broke an awesome mercedes that was absolutly perfect and had like twenty years.


Yeah I'm surprised nobody's noticed that, that Mercedes is virtually unscratched?

Isn't that a bit odd considering its just reversed its way through a outer wall of a multi -storey car park? Its bumpers look virtually unscathed and its rear lights are completely intact? That wall must have been made of cream crackers? Or at least crackers held together via imagination.

This is much funnier than the guy taking the driving test and crashing into the DMV building.

@ 17 you can accelerate backwards, too.

@ 21 could it be a viral marketing campaign?

It's a Mercedes S-Class

Why is there a parking garage walled up in the first place? Doesn't it need ventilation? Hello carbon monoxide poisoning

it waent a woman becouse if a woman dune it it would of been dune right

all the way throw the wall

@26 did you just call me a woman? the doctor said that no one would be able to tell after the surgery!!!

What do you use for building stuff in Tulsa? Cardboard?

@27 oh man sorry thoght everyone now

23 Thug Aim

@25 they have exhaust fans in the garage.

I work next door to the building. We couldn't believe that it happened. So many fire trucks and people all around.

This is a cover up. I can smell it. It was actually a robot driving and the hydraulics failed. YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT.

I am sorry but this really is fake. How in the world do you back through a brick wall and your tail lights arent even busted? The car has NO visible damage....just saying.

I see in these comments that people have forgotten how to english language.

Oh, and blah blah blah woman driver blah blah poorly constructed parking garage etc etc..

How does one accelerate to THAT speed going in reverse??? ... Just sayin'.

Actually, I think it is a C-Class

he seems he just wanted to see how it's like to be one of those "car crash" building designs. :D

Let me get this straight: So ONE foot gets stuck UNDER gas pedal? Was the other foot pressing ON the gas pedal? I mean, to crash THROUGH A FUCKING WALL you must be going over 20 miles at the very least.

Say that the foot was stuck UNDER the gas pedal and the car is moving, say that is true, how about using your OTHER FOOT to press on the brake?

But I'm a girl, what the fuck do I know right?

conrad, you are correct. it is a C-class

It's the Mid-West what do you expect?

now , i know the reason why not ask old man to drive car.

Lol the same happened where i used to work a year and a half ago, it was the day before Christmas and a couple in a car were arguing while driving down the ramp on a 8 floor parking lot. The girl then crashed against the wall and the nose of the car ended looking out to the void.
I promise to upload some pics soon haha.

I'm just curious how can you tell that the tail lights are not broken? I think I can see a dent on the rear of the car and there is most certainly some sort of debris on the ground. Seeing as the bottom is roped off and there is a firetruck I don't buy a fake-job

I can't believe anything in Oklahoma is that tall...

@33: Yeah, not even a busted taillight. BULLSHIT!!!

most likely an asian woman

IS THIS FOR REAL??!! a town in oklahoma actually has a building this tall??! wow...

Many of you are being morons. He got momentum REVERSING so he couldn't combat that by going FORWARDS because he couldn't use the ACCELERATOR because his FOOT was UNDER it.

No word on the location of the break pedal at this time.


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