Apr 22 2010Trustworthiness Of Beards/Mustaches Chart


NOTE: This is only a small portion of the chart so click HERE for the whole thing.

This is a chart used to determine how trustworthy a particular beard/mustache is. This is only a small portion of the tamer styles though, so you need to click the link above to see the whole thing. So -- how does your facial hair fare? Personally I can't grow any so I guess that makes me pretty trustworthy. You know, or 12-years old. Kidding, I'm 14 AND JUST GOT MY FIRST ARMPIT HAIR! *high-five* When I get two I'm gonna braid them. Plus add beads!

The Trustworthiness Of Beards [buzzfeed]

Thanks to lauren!, who agrees the goatee + mustache combo is far less trustworthy than this chart would lead you to believe.

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Reader Comments

clicking "here" takes me nowhere..

yeah what @1 said.

but lmfao @ the concept

Jim is right.
GW, gosh.

Dammit, I wanna see the rest of the chart :P

It is fixed!

EDIT: Woo, fixed :P

throw big old glasses on each of those beards and you've got yourself a pedophile!

Terrorist beard?

Hmm, Someone make a chart telling how to tell the difference between a Chinstrap and a Neckbeard

I have to disagree here as the goatee has been an accepted sign that someone is an evil twin for a long, long time

Long live the robots!

@9 the chinstrap is within the circle, the neckbeard is below the circle

Wow, I'm unsavory. Who knew.

i have a werewolf beard/mustache combo.

chicks dig it.

.....on the interwebs....


Another win for the full beards.

Best one = Sidney Crosby

damn u cant trust me.. im a werewolf

Personally I don't trust anyone with a unibrow.... mom!

Neckbeards is a cool guy. eh lives in his parents basement play wow and doesnt afraid of anything.

And here I thought the landing strip was a style of bikini waxing...

@16 agree, not sure if you could call that a beard though, but he is definitely dangerous! LET'S GO PENS!

Also werewolfe.

@16 agree, not sure if you could call that a beard though, but he is definitely dangerous! LET'S GO PENS!

Also werewolf.

aw fuck doublepost fail...

*preparing for scorn to be heaped up my head*


A "landing strip" is something else entirely... on the opposite sex too...

@10 - I'm with you! This flies in the face of everything we learned about goatees with mustaches from Star Trek.

Is this trustworthy?

pencil beard offends me and shouldnt even count

What? Where the Hell is the "Gordon Freeman" beard?

and where is the bearded lady?

I don't think i'm on there. In which category does the "12~ days of multicolored because I'm an old man stubble" fall under?

As a girl, I can assure you that we do NOT trust men with goatees.

Also, you would need three armpit hairs to braid them.


@ 32

You can trust guys with goatees, just as long as they aren't twins, because then they would be the evil ones......

So my credibility went down when I shaved down from a chinstrap to a goatee? Balls.

As a boy, I can assure you that we do NOT trust men named Goatse.

Are you hitting on me again, Dishy?

Chinstrap is STILL not the same thing as an Abe Lincoln... I wish this would get fixed.

What about the Fu-manchu? Ninjas and chinese monks are gonna be pissssed.

Obviously the goatee and mustache should be dropped down to dangerous. I mean really? thats what the devil has. plus It was only cool in like 6th grade before anyone could grow facial hair and realized how lame it actually is.

wow, true, true and true!

Hello from Germany everyone! Wow, these keyboards are only slightly different but still cause a lot of headache... (z and y are switched, ughgh)

Trapped here for longer than anticipated because of that stupid (but very cool) volcano.

Anyway... so, regarding the goatee, I think he should have added the long-goatee/mustache which is more like what the devil has.. a short goatee is less threatening I'd say. Kind of an out-doorsy type??

"No facial hair at all" should be down towards unsavory.

Where is the Captain Price's beard?

Looks like the "Friendly Chops" but with less hair on the cheek.
I call it the most trustworthy of all the type of beard EVER.

wtf? what about a fu man chu?? this site is RACIST!!!!!! hehehe.. seriously though, why arent fu mans on the chart?

They forgot Snidely Whiplash.

Welp, now I have to shave.

THis is soooo interesting :)

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