Apr 14 2010The Space Station Silhouetted Against Sun


Pixeltop forum member labsmansid, best known for taking this picture of the International Space Station silhouetted against the sun, took this picture of the International Space Station silhouetted against the sun (high-res shot HERE). It's similar to these earlier pics of the shuttle and Hubble in front of the sun. Neato. Granted it could just be a toothpick model taped to a piece of construction paper, but I'd like to think it's real. I'd also like to think my best friend is, but for whatever reason nobody else can ever see him. BUT HE'S SITTING RIGHT F***ING THERE!

Actually, this was on Sunday afternoon. I finally got a chance to catch a couple of shots of the Space Shuttle and ISS docked together as they passed directly between my location and the Sun, also called a solar transit. The clouds had me worried most of Sunday morning, as they didn't really break up until 30-45 minutes before the event was scheduled to occur, but luck was with me that day. The whole thing lasted about 1/2 second.

Speaking of things only lasting about 1/2 a second: did you know I can have sex over 120 times a minute? Suck it, The Flash! *zip* *slurp* *zip* That. was. amazing.

Hit the jump for a close up.


Full-res version of this shot HERE.

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Thanks to Red Rocket Man, who I make get off the couch every time I see him because I don't want him rubbing that thing on the cushions.

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Reader Comments


Who put it on the sun? Also it's huge.

looks like a tie fighter

@2- thats what she said... (you know someone had to say that)


Stupid sun. Can see stuff with you, can't see stuff without.

The first picture description should be "picture of the space shuttle & Hubble", not the ISS

Reminds me of Adventure


looks like a micro-machine photographed in front of a giant balloon


This shit if fun

neone know what those other two dots right next to the station are? Mebbe astronauts going for a stroll? dirt? meh

*zip* *slurp* (cash register noise) *zip*

That is totally ET on his bicycle.

Is it just me or does this look 3D?

fake... and also inclined to have sexual relations with it's own sex.

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