Apr 27 2010The Cutest Lil Runt Ever: A 6-Pound Horse


This is Einstein, a 6-pound pinto stallion. I happen to love beans and horses, so he's a great combo. And smart (I have a dog named Einstein and he's a genius, plus rubs his rocket on my arm).

Weighing in at just six pounds, the New Hampshire-born foal may be the world's smallest horse. Dr. Rachel Wagner, Einstein's co-owner, says the Guinness record for the smallest newborn horse is 9 pounds. Wagner notes Einstein shows no signs of dwarfism, unlike the current record holder.

Great, now I want a pony. I went my whole childhood not wanting one (I liked turtles) and now I do. I'm 28-years old for crying out loud, I feel like such a girl. Okay, not really. But as soon as my roommate leaves for work and I put her panties on I will. High-five, Craigslist roomies!

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the almost unbearable cuteness.






Newborn stallion weighs in at just six pounds [yahoonews]

Thanks to Robert Cop, who claims to have a 5lb horse that looks suspiciously like a cat with a saddle taped to its back.

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Reader Comments

I am the best 50 cent modo foko i am the first rapper to ever be on geekologie!!! WOOOOTTTT

That's one hell of a FAT kid...... keep him away from the yummy horse.


The deed is done...

sh*t, I fail at life :(

No Milkman, you are just a RETARD...I am thee FIRSTARD...

Too cute! I might destruct.

that tiny little thing will probably die

@7, that's what she said.

It looks like the horse pinata from Viva Pinata. Now I want to beat it with a stick and see if there is candy inside.

ha awesome. How come they don't let the kid ride on.... oh because he's fat.

@4 no shit
@5 being a firstard is nothing to be proud of unless shitting in your pants is cool where you live

poor thing looks terrrified.

@10 I bet that kid could ride Beethoven up there. Talk about a big dog. Looks like he left his booze barrel back at home.

@11 that's because his parents overfed him & shaved his head like that. Think of the ridicule at school he must suffer from. I agree with you & I bet the chubby dr evil jokes get old

By the way, nice spoonerism in the title, GW. I had to look twice when I saw "Cutest lil Runt"

I would hug him and pet him and squeeze him and love him and and oh I just want him.

@14 ha! now that you point it out...

I have a 6 pound horse........................................................................ in my pants!! No really. It's a extra large My Little Pony. I couldn't fit it in my pocket to it's taped to my leg. It helps me win at the interwebz.

way to put NH on the map

*is from NH

Damn! That's a big ass guinea pig!

My Little Pony comes to mind....

Finally - a horse that Tom Cruise can ride without looking like a midget.

horse + dog

oh wow i breed horses a lot but i have never seen one this small even the minis dont come this small. this weight is that of a new born child to put this in perspective. he looks healthy though. love his color, u dont see black and white very often anymore

that dog looks like fuckin andre the giant!

Is the horse small or does it just look that way because of the kid's massive head? I suspect the horse is normal sized.

Yes, yes, upon closer inspection of the photographic evidence, I conclude that the horse is, in fact, of a normal size.

Not like it makes a huge difference, and the foal is fricking ADORABLE, but I don't think it's a stallion until horsey puberty... :)

@11, it looks nervous because it was born in the US and it probably already knows some fat arse is already thinking if it will fit in a bun.

Hmmm, I wonder if that will fit in a bun?

my goodness, that kid in the picture has a HUGE head.

Is that Bobby Hill?

"shows no signs of dwarfism..."
Yeah, other than being, you know, a dwarf?

How CUTE!!!! The baby horse - not that poor manheaded child...

That is a fantastic beast. I want one please?

So wich one is the horse?

aw, my size pony. :) i'm small -_-;

What does this taste like?



Yep, he's an even worse rapper than my 75 year old grandmother with her teeth out.

Rabbits bounce to the bakery and asked: "Boss, you have 100 small bread ah?" Boss: "ah, I'm sorry, not so many" so ah. . . "White Rabbit sadly away. The next day, the rabbit hopped to the bakery," Boss, there is no 100 small bread ah? "Boss:" Sorry, still no ah "" ah so. . . "White Rabbit sadly away. On the third day, the rabbit hopped to the bakery," Boss, there is no 100 small bread ah? "The boss happy, said:" With, with, today we have 100 little bread! ! "White Rabbit pulled out of money:" Great, I bought two! "

welcome to visit my home...

My newborn baby was almost 3 pounds heavier....

LOL at how the dog is laughing at it.

@29: That's what she said!

wow @40... just wow. epic

Lol look at the saint bernard posing with him. Hes like "this is crazy guys"

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Give it a lick it. Oooooh it tastes just like raisins.


You're not fooling anyone.... we all know that is just the worlds biggest child... smallest horse, that's likely...

Very cute! But not a stallion just yet - the correct term is "colt" until he's four.

Hooray! I can finally say I'm hung like a horse.


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