Apr 19 2010The Apocalypse Nears: Awesome Shots Of Iceland's Recent Volcanic Eruptions


This is a little gallery of what the apocalypse of 2012 is going to look like [editor's note to self: remember to come back and change the date to 2015 if the whole 2012 shit is a bust], courtesy of the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Doesn't look like a very good place for a honeymoon, does it? Of course not, who the f*** would ever take their bride to Iceland?! Yeti 3-way: NO THANKS (been there, done that, couldn't look my buddy in the face ever again). Anyway, not to brag or anything but I've sat in an active volcano before and it was pretty hot but not unbearable. You ever gotten drunk in a hot tub before? Okay well it's nothing like that. Dammit T-Rex, I told you to stop tooting in the tub or we're not gonna have any water left! Also, I don't know what you've been eating but that smell is unholy.

Hit the jump for several more of the aaaaaah we're all gonna die!





Iceland volcano: the latest spectacular pictures of the volcanic eruption [telegraph]

Thanks to Zikomo, who once called Zeus a bitch and threw a thunderbolt right at his face.

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Reader Comments

first yaaaaaaaaaa


I knew Iceland was trouble. D:

hahahahaha i beat you


I see the Devil in it

That's right I made Zeus my bitch!

And thanks for the mention

According to legend, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and @1 should be sacrificed so the eruption will stop.

Nature has watched one too many Michael Bay movies I think... seriously though, if someone doesn't photoshop Starscream getting kicked in the nuts by Optimus Prime into that first picture I'll be pretty upset.

Here's a weird question, why the batsh*t is there lightening coming out of the eruption? Is it Clash of the Titan's in there?!

This is epic. Planes can't fly through awesome. Just sayin...

i must say that this looks pretty impressive... would be better if it had a guy riding a dino shooting a rocket into it...

Honeymoon? Where'd that come from?

damn, that is scary.

A terminator must've landed in it coming back from the future to kill someone important

Note to Lost writers: That last pic is what I call a smoke monster!

Creepy and awesome shots tho definitely.

God damn that is awesome! This is the only time in my life I wish I was an Icelander.

The lightning is caused by the charged particles within the ash cloud separating into areas of positive and negative charges. The discharge occurs when the charge difference exceeds the resistance in the air.




@7 - You forgot to include the Jonas brothers.

huzzah! for volcano that shoot lightning, along with lava!

hrm..I wonder how their hot springs are?

Amazing...as long as this isn't Yellow Stone National Park, I'm fine...

This cracked me up. My friend's got married and are right now in Iceland on their honeymoon.

where is the high res shots?

This is Iceland's response to the "Icesave" program to pay back England! Take some ash fools!

Baby23 I will think about it.......

and remember,

I´m in a rescue team in Iceland and i´ve been a few times close to the volcano and It´s goddamn amazing to see the eruption up close!!

And yes it´s our answer to Ice-Save. We may not have cash but we´ve got ash!

I say "power to the people, now make a miracle, pump the lyrical!"

Send the ash instead of getting ripped off.


is it just me? I swear I am not high but fuck I see thigs in those pics.

1) lots, of things, explaining is not worth it
2) to the right of the center there are two rays of "electric" beams, red and blue, horizontal, they look like that energy bond between pod racers
3) Something with two eyes looking to the right of the picture, I first thought of a scorpion but now that I look at it it is more like a kiwi
4) the head of a panther, showing its teeth, mouth open, just consider the whole smoke puff like the head
5) and this one I swear I see the "never ending story"'s dragon/flying dog with some kind of human shape riding it (the yellow/golden beams there)

I've compiled a more comprehensive gallery of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland:


(definitely worth a look, I think)


@ 28 Holy shit your right

Awesome pictures.

Holy shit!!!!!! This summer's gonna suck.

o no! its really happening everywhere.

Is anyone else getting just a little bit freaked with all the damn earthquakes and volcano eruptions going on all in the last 6 months? I do believe the earth is coming to it's breaking point. I never thought this untill recently..........just sayin

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Holy shit. Hell it coming fourth to earth. See the red glowing the second to last picture? Yeah. Thats satan himself. We're all fucked. God damnit, why did the bible have to be right?

The ash coming out the volcano is superheated rocks pulverized into tiny little pieces. Static electricity builds up between the particles, and you get gigantic eruptions of multicolored lightning. It happened over here in Washington 30 years ago when Mt. St. Helens blew its top.

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