Apr 23 2010Piece Of Cake: The Hardcore Gamer Quiz


NOTE: This is only a small fraction of the whole graphic you gotta click HERE to see the entire thing (with an even larger version available at the artist's deviantART page).

Are you a hardcore gamer? Ever eaten a controller? Had relations with the hole in the middle of a Dreamcast disc? If so this quiz is for you. Also, therapy. A f***ing ton of it.

How hardcore are you? Can you name the 375 games and more than 425 characters from gaming's past, present and future? What 2 games here never came out? Which 10 characters are here more than once? Which character stars in the most games? Which games are represented solely by an enemy character, rather than the hero? Which 5 games are represented by just an object? Which characters were their console's mascots? Which is the oldest game here? Which characters are hunting or watching each other? Which characters are already dead? Where's the gibbed corpse? Where are teh 20 Fallout 3 Bobbleheads hidden? Why is the Geekologie Writer so gotdamn sexy all the time?

The quiz was created by deviantARTist shadow502t over the span of 8 months and is available for download and printing at 30" x 20" for a couple bucks at his deviantART page. Plus he says he'll release a key at some point with all the answers. TOO BAD I ALREADY GOT THEM ALL! Just kidding, I could only name like 30 (not including Master Chief because I don't know who that is), which probably makes you angry because you got all of them yet I'm the one writing Geekologie. Well I've got news for you: I only got 30 because I drank the other 395 out of my memory last night and have already played 30 different games this morning. WHOO, BACK IN THE SADDLE BABY!

Shadow502t's deviantART

Thanks to RoyBerto and Airen, who just looked at the picture once and have been playing in their minds all day because they have photographic memories.

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Reader Comments

older than my mum

I need to Brush up...

@ 1 - looser too. highfive! Now smell your hand.

does anyone really give a $hit?

I like this... true story.

#4 no, not really.

I found that Australian G.I. Joe guy!

I see Tetris and PacMan, but where's Pong?

So did GW buy the full res print and post it here? Cause that is way bigger than what you're allowed to see on Deviantart.

I have to say it. This is retarded. It's just a jumbled copy and paste of images, not a real quiz. Most aren't even remotely classics(both by age and quality). Not to mention it's seriously lacking some major titles. So people can identify Solid Snake and know that Donald Duck was in Kingdom Hearts? Big deal. You don't even have to have played the games to know those. Hell, half of them aren't even original video game characters. I mean really, Optimus Prime and the Hulk? Come on, showing up in some mediocre promotional games is hardly hardcore video game history. Where's the Langrisser? The FF characters besides that jackass Cloud? (FF7 being the bane of many real hardcore gamer's existance as it was a travesity compared to earlier titles and only popular with the people who didn't know video games existed until PSX). Hell, I don't even see any Servbots/Kobuns. That is a true disgrace. Everything needs at least one Kobun.

(And no the questions don't help make it a decent "quiz", since they are an exercise based entirely on the flawed image.)

cmon writer of geekologie you sir are not stumbling fast enough.. i really stumble everything you post like weeks ahead and then you post it :[ you have more of a life than you lead us on to believe...XD


You have to click the DOWNLOAD button on the left.


Its a jumbled mess of nonsense and mostly recent games. I can a see a few classics like Altered Beast, Pacman, Worms, Maniac Mention, Golden Axe etc etc. But there is severe lack of Nintendo Games, also the fact the Pictures of Mario, Zelda, Little Mac (punch-out) are all recent ones and no classic pictures.

Its all just old 80's games and then 2000's, not many 90's games. Also How many types of GTA do you really need!!!

I dislike FF so I am not worried about those chodes (shrug).

OK got my Scantron for the quiz. Wait...this is not a quiz. Fake quiz with no multiple guess.

All I've got to say is....


He should be here in all of his pixelated glory.

I know about 60% of them.... hhmmm

@15 The duckhunt dog is there! First row, really small..gotta check the real big picture

FFS guys your taking this abit seriously aren't you?

DUKE NUKEM in Duke Nukem Forever is one of the missing characters I reckon. God bless that man bringing the science of shooting a pig in the face/crotch with a Desert Eagle to the gaming world

no parappa or gitaroo man, but elite beat agents in the front row? >:C

managed to find raz (psychonaughts) and manny (grim fandango) though
made me smile

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