Apr 9 2010*PEW PEW* All Clean!: Soap Weaponry


Remember the chocolate weaponry we featured awhile ago? Well now the same company is manufacturing weapon soap. Probably from the same molds as the chocolate. I'd still wash my mouth out with it. Also, b-hole. Don't act like you've never lost one of those little seashell soaps up there! The company currently sells handgun, grenade and brass knuckle models and prices range from $10 to $35, with giftsets coming beautifully packaged in authentic gun cases. Wow, can I sell products or what? And by products I mean drugs. Meet me in the frozen food aisle.

Hit the jump for a smattering of the offerings and another link to the product site.





Product Site

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Reader Comments

Awesome! Kill those germs with your bubbly ammo.

I want the soap knuckles. Those just look cool.

Bath time for the wife-beater just got more exciting.

In prison you could probably buy a soap gun for a few packs of cigarettes.

Heh...I bet you Soap MacTavish would love these...

Get it?

SOAP MacTavish?

Oh boy am I funny or what people.

no better way to get a baby clean than buy beating the living shit ot of it with my brass knuckles soap.


I'd like to see real guns those colors. And transparent, they have to be transparent just like the soap.

Just coat the knuckles with some epoxy, and BAM!

I can't wait to travel with these. >:)

just dont drop the soap

They should make ammo-shaped liquid soap containers in 4 oz. sizes - PERFECT for irritating the transit authorities.

Muga haga...?

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