Apr 27 2010Neato: What Drives Video Game Characters


NOTE: Click HERE to see the graphic in all its gaming glory GLORY HALLELUUUUUJAH!

Kotaku recently made a really cool informational graphic about the top 100 video games and what drives their characters to do what they do. This is it.

We pulled the top 100 highest rated games from review aggregation website GameRankings.com and broke them down by primary motivation - the driving force behind the heroes, anti-heroes, competitors, and god-like beings inhabiting those acclaimed titles.

Interesting, but what I wanna know is why do we, the gamers, play video games? Here, I'll get us started: I play video games because I've been drinking. OMG you've got to see this -- I'M CONTROLLING A TV SHOW!

What's My Motivation? Why We Play The Top 100 Games [kotaku]

Thanks to Jeremy, who plays games to take a break from saving the planet from evildoers. Well sure, that's respectable too. I guess.

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Reader Comments

Interesting research compilation.

I am Captain Planet.

Interesting research compilation.

And I thought I was just playin' with myself.....

Interesting women's jackets.

This graphic sucks. It's pretty boring. With the top 100 video games I'm surprised this is all they could shit out

Sorry, but the princess is in another castle. Fine I'll warp to that bitch a bypass all da ballzack inbetweens. Just sayin...

Interesting Durand.

TL:DR Kotaku needs to lrn 2 graphic design.

Kotaku is bomb diggy

@8 Indeed I am. Wanna come back to my place? I love it when womens jack it. Just sayin...


Has anyone noticed this is an interesting research compilation?


It's interesting facts, but presented in a boring way.

I prefer to get my info in a funnier and 'offensive to WoW gamers' sort of way:


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