Apr 27 2010Just Plain Wrong: Spock Doing The Shocker


This is a picture of Leonard Nemoy performing the shocker (well, not literally) for the asshat sitting next to him. For those of you born post-Y2K, Leonard played Spock in the original Star Trek series. Also, WTF are you doing reading Geekologie? Teaser, Pleaser, Shocker, Spocker, Rocker, Showstopper. Go ask your parents about them. Kidding -- please don't. I wouldn't know what to do if your mom called complaining again. Besides invite her over. Burn you just got burned.


Thanks to Whitney, who doesn't know what the shocker is and doesn't want to. Trust me, you really don't (I think it's a gang sign). And to Michelle!, who does know but won't tell me.

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Lol, youngling pwn

What's the pinky for?

AWESOME!!! Both this picture, and the shocker ;-)

WAS THIS AT THE CALGARY COMIC EXPO?!?!?!?!? if so that is awesome! cause I was there



only gays were there

Definitely from the Calgary Show, check the wrist band.

Well done Sir. Well done.

Leonard Nimoy totally made a website of photo shoots of fat chicks..... just sayin

NSFW.... probably
i never went past the opening page after researching the topic

i gave him an "ipad" on the back for that shot

Yes! Calgary Comic Expo. This happened on Sunday and it's already on Geekologie. WIN.

Fellow Calgarians... GW should totally be there next year. Am I right?

YES!!! This was at Calgary's Comic convention!! BOOYAH!!! Wow this was only on Sunday...

it's a SPOCKER! (i can't believe no one posted that yet)

oh GW already used that in the article.... FAIL, fu*kit

superman tee shirt!

@3 The stinky

Two in the pink, one in the stink!

One in the poop, two in the snoop!

OLD...seriously GW, get with the times. This is from Sunday...that was forever ago


p.s. the shocker...not the best opening move on the first date Trust me!


they forgot the thumb (for the clit)

I did the shocker on my girlfriend the other way round once. That way I could look at her face when I was doing it...

I don't think this is anything to be overly pissed about. Chill fella.

If you can't shock her, spock her.

What's with all the Canucks going to a comic convention? Don't u guys know the NHL playoffs are going on right now??

It's ASU's pitchfork hand gesture!

it's the pinky that makes the difference!!!


Live long and Shocker

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