Apr 23 2010In A Bathroom Far, Far Away: Ackbar Toilet


This is an Admiral Ackbar toilet designed by artist Brendon Phillips (the man behind the Mega Man hoodie). I don't know about you, but I'd sit on it and do a crossword puzzle. Till my legs fell asleep. Then I'd try to stand and collapse on the bathroom floor, bringing a towel bar down with me. As I frantically mash the button to my Life Alert® personal emergency response system and see my life flash before my eyes, I'll wish I'd shat in Jar Jar's mouth instead.

Brendon's deviantART

Thanks to Brendon, who single-handedly manages to design all the products I'd actually want (now do a sex toy!).

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Reader Comments

Ho Shit! First!


So every time I go to rub one out I can bust right into Ackbar's mouth?

I guess dreams do come true....

Yes, yes, and more yes!

Don't sit on it.... IT'S A TRAP..... just sayin

haha this is awesome!...it's stuff like this that makes geekologie awesome.



fake fake fake..................just sayin

I just printed and taped that under the toilet lid at work. Much mirth will ensue.

@9 I would do that too, but we have no lids for our toilets at work. Just the seat....lol

@10 then just wrap the top of the bowl with saran wrap for a fun joke too, just don't be in the next stall when someone is using it..... just sayin

Weak! I don't want to drop a deuce in the Admiral's goiter!

F*CKIN awsome!!! FTW GW.... FTMFW!! lol

they need to make a R2D2 potty that, when you drop a deuce, says "these aren't the poops we're looking for....move along....move along..."

Remember that time Ackbar was a toilet and everyone was like "lol'?

like "lol"

Sorry I don't like it I don't wanna put my hips on that ...nightmare...

good :)


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wow... its cool and funny toilets.. hi hi hi

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