Apr 10 2010FAKE: Starcraft Breakup Girl Is Back At It


Note: Video of Princess Pissypants is after the jump.

Further proving the questionable reality of her initial video, Starcraft II Beta Breakup girl is back at it, this time smashing one of her ex-boyfriend's windows with a brick and tossing a running hose in the hole. WTF, PSYCHO?! Admittedly, the ol' running hose in a window is one of my favorite paybacks, but this girl didn't even wait for guy to go on vacation. YOU DID IT WRONG, STUPID! Now -- enough of the attention whoring, back to crying into a pillow and wishing you dated a vampire.

Hit it for the video.

Starcraft Breakup Girl Strikes Again [break]

Thanks to Juesh, who would have not only broken up with her, but also smashed her video camera. Smaaart.

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Reader Comments


First one to "Call" First!

Second? bah!

Who ever the guy is who break up with her is crazy becuase she hot , would totaly date her . even if she crazy :o

Ha! She totally cut her finger on that window!

she needs a good donkey punch

dammn, bitch be craaazy.

Lame girl and lame video is lame. Please GW. I don't care too much for this fakeness. Remove it from my presence.

Well at least she's ingenious.

Ok, if the guy cheated on her, then it's probably been a while before she found out that she wasn't getting any, therefore, all she needs to calm down, is a stimulus package in her vajayjay. I did get turned on by the "oh shit" at the end, nice tone.

RAAMONE!!!!!!!! Tell this bitch to jump off a bridge!

I think she needs to do more. For some reason, even though I started out really not liking her, she's grown on me. Fake or not there are crazy psycho bitches out there just like her. Makes me not so sad at my own life to know that people deal with "things" like her every day.

There is no way she is above the line on the Hot-Crazy scale...

funny thing is at 00:27 you can clearly see that the glass is already broken; hence I sincerely doubt that anyone is actually living there

attention-whore, needing attention

make that 00:10

I still would...

Maybe there's a reason he cheated on this bitch. Just saying.

You people who thinks she's hot need to borrow her glasses.

The fact of the matter is that crazy bitches are crazy. Yes, some of them may be hot, and some of them you may think just need some deep dickin... but no. They are beyond help. They want to destroy you. To them, you are the death star, and they are the rebel alliance. Just remember, ITS A TRAP. Is a bit of tail worth putting up with so much anguish? To some people it is. God bless you.

Ugh...the first one was half-believable. This is just, well...

let's just say her shadow's are all wrong.

obviously fake!

Personally, I think she's really stupid for doing the things and videotaping them because he can press charges on her (with proof!) for:

1. invasion of privacy (the whole hacking into his email thing)
2. vandalism.

Cock goes where?


You made me laugh. Note quite as much as lil' Jimmy, but you made me laugh.

Has she seen Fatal Attraction? LOL... Idea for the next one: Boil his iPhone (make sure to use a Bunny background) LOL...

At least everyone knows for sure now that he did not break up with her because she's a typical, immature, psycho-beast with no impulse control...

Fake stunt or not, why would you record yourself doing lame things to get back at some bogus breakup? Get over it like an adult. There are more than enough dicks out there. If it were real, why record your own evidence against you?

Fuck you so much you worthless little waste. Fuck you for promoting the idea that women are all uncontrolled dingbats.

She should have filled it with AB foam, much faster to fill up AND more effective, he'd never use that car again. Though admittedly it's a bit more expensive.

last comment was before I saw the video, I thought it was a car. AB foam would still be a good idea, make it so he can't get through his front door. You'd probably need about 10 buckets to fill up a small room, since it takes 4 to fill up a car, but still, it would be hilarious.


Queue soap opera cliff-hanger music.

Is it bad that crazy is a huge turn on?

Again this bratard...

The house is clearly unlived in... that or Brad's dad really needs to get his ass off the couch and do some fixing up.

First video I believed. Second I do not.

Jesus fuck. That bitch is cra to the zeee. I mean Gail (#26) of course. Calm down wouldja?

This video is clearly fake. And Princess is a lousy actress. 9.5 out of 11. My lowest rating ever.

@19 Amen


What do you mean? I wasn't screaming or raging, I was totally calm and stating the obvious. Are you saying that I am crazy for calling someone who is obviously crazy... y'know, crazy? Or is it that I despise halfassed c*nt-stunts? If that is so then over half of the people who posted here are "Jesus f*ck" crazy too, so I am in good company.

Still fake and still [expletive]... See, now you don't have to delete my epically teabagtastic comment.

Why don't you go back to your attention whore island!!

so who else is waiting to see the court video when he sues her for damages and stalking? only then will i think this video is real

Someone needs to take that bitch "Down By The Lake"... until she goes.."Bluba-Bluba"...and drowns.
If you don't own a car forget it.
Because I doubt the bus driver will let you take everybody "Down By The Lake" for $1.50 and a bus transfer pass..

agree it's prolly fake, but hoping it's not and they throw her ass in jail ... kinda like Carrie Underwood's song "Before He Cheats", where she brags about jackin' up her BF's truck, keying the paint, slashing the leather seats and tires, smashing the headlights ... horrible message, inciting other crazy bitches to perform vandalism

It's Wendy McColm http://www.youtube.com/user/wendymccolm

She was in "Star Wars 'Force' Toy Hacked To Shock You" video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kofSYRB-vh4 @ 1:58.

She turns me on! I want to fu*k her till she cry's!

@36 I got your back, Gail. We're all crazy here.

@42 You get bonus points because the Force Toy hack was a story on Geekologie, if I recall correctly.

She just wanted her 15 minutes of fame.
BAMM! It's over...

1. Fake.
2. This girl is busted. You fucktards saying she's hot need help. If I didn't hear her annoying fucking voice I would have thought she was a dude.

@44 yes it was. http://www.geekologie.com/2010/03/star_wars_force_toy_hacked_to.php

@36 Gail, I think Icehawg was reacting to your statement:

"Fuck you so much you worthless little waste. Fuck you for promoting the idea that women are all uncontrolled dingbats."

This video makes guys paranoid. And when they see a woman saying "fuck you blah blah blah", they assume it's directed at GW and all men. Sometimes we see what we expect to see, not what is actually written.

It's ironic in a way, because Wendy is not promoting misogyny. She's just putting on a performance, playing a role. She's not saying all women are like that.

@42 æ, I like your name.

@28 TRATS, ha, I'd never heard of AB foam, so I watched the mythbusters vid about it and it's spectacular. Thanks for the education!

Thank you, Dishy.

please just tell us what you're selling so i can stop looking at the hole in your face every time i check out this site kthxbye!

@50, yeah, that's where I saw it too. If I ever had to ruin someone's car/other enclosed space, I'd go with the AB foam. They'd have to spend days getting all that stuff out, then it still probably wouldn't work. On Car Talk: "What did you say was the problem?" "Um, I cheated on my girlfriend and now my car is a solid mass." It would be worth the price of 4 buckets of AB foam.

ok say this wasn't fake. who wants to bet that she's actually the one playing starcraft?

Awwww, she's so cute. I'd date her (then cheat on her for the fun of it!)

Yanno... I'm never f ucking going to look at one of these vids again, what a godda mn waste of time. :-/ who gives a sh it.

like i said in my last comment about her previous video....i love a woman who can take care of herself...

Gail, Dishy gets it. I was busting on your statement about all women looking like dingbats because of Fake girl here. You were clearly offended, yet calm and reasonable, so I called you what you were trying to avoid.

Ha. Good one huh?

Brad's house sucks....

Brads House looks like a crummy old shed, lol

S2BBG would surely be a psycho but that window looks surprisingly crappy, old, and not like a modern window (yes 60. and 59. you're right). its aallll faaaaaaaaake

LOL Okay okay!

She's still my favourite. Can't wait part 3!

ok, enough with this fake starcraft breakup girl BS... .... am i the only one that finds her really annoying?

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps, brad, this is what happens.

All my favorite blogs are going downhill. This and failblog and tomshardware (i think it got bought by apple). It makes me sad, but I guess blogging is dying. I am sad.

She looks a lot like my friends girlfriend i messed around with....

I love this girl. She must be REALLY energetic, if you know what I mean hehe.

Wendy McColm is awesome! Funny as hell.

I'd cheat on her!

Real vandals put the hose through an upstairs window. Poser.

Ugh, this is only her 2nd video & I'm already tired of her.

Can't she just flash her boobs like everyone else does?

I love her.

she needs a good fisting

I'd put it in her butt...

admitting to hacking someone's computer email on camera, breaking a house window and damaging property on video WITH her face in it.

this seems legit.
and if it is she shall see jail time.

If there's even a chance this is real - the guy now has all the evidence he needs for the cops. Stupid girl.

@ 76 & 77

This is Wendy McColm. She is an actress and comedian that got her start on video shorts and u-tube videos. Pretty funny stuff actually. If you youtube her stuff you will see what I'm talking about.

fake and gay

Gosh I wonder why he would cheat on a catch like her.

Didnt read all the comments, but NOTE: the window is ALREADY BROKEN, which gives me a strong inclination to believe that either the house was abondoned, or the broken window needed to be replaced anyway. That being said cute and crazy is totally my type.

yeah, its broken... but I've never seen an abandoned house with running water....

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