Apr 12 2010Explosive Lighting: Hand Grenade Oil Lamps


Finally, hand grenade oil lamps. Available with gold, silver and natural finishes, each grenade will set you back $65 ($55 for natural), and possibly on fire. Alternatively, go to an army surplus store and buy a decommissioned grenade for $5-$10 and make your own. But do not, I repeat, DO NOT make your own sex tape. Nobody needs to see that.

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Thanks to Spikey DaPikey, who just tried making his own lamp oil out of lighter fluid missed with gasoline. Your tips will be missed, Spikey.

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Reader Comments

Gold grenades are so bling. Bitches won't fuck with you.


know me it will still blow up in my face

but do they come in the clapper version?


@3 That's what she said.

@5 Don't be a fifthtard. No one wants to be that guy.

That just screams domestic violence charges to me because I'd be too tempted to throw them when I'm pissed. I'd better stick with kiwis and half empty beer cans.

'Natural?' Is that the same os Olive Drab?

@9 no because it's 'grenade' color. WAY dumb, like GW said. Go get your own, then make one with spray paint and sweat. I'll use one of my decommissioned ones to make a lighter. Because I'm American!

I'm selling Molotov Cocktail oil lamps. Lovingly crafted from an MD 20/20 bottle, filled with gas and stopped with an oily-rag, which you can use as a wick.

i want to take one on a plane

i want to take one for the team

Anyone stupid enough to try to take one of these on a plane needs to be dragged out into the street and shot before he has the chance to procreate

@14 Ur just mad cause they dont make Dildo shapes.

LOl, th1s liek tolly licks ma sack, liek hard ya know?

like why n0t juz like g3t rel grenaddes from teh like civl awarzx?

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