Apr 11 2010Cute NES Perler Bead Stop Motion Movie


This is a little NES themed stop-motion video made using Perler beads. It's not gonna blow your socks or o-ring out (thank God), but it is cute and worth a watch. Plus somebody actually spent some serious time and effort making it. And no, it wasn't me. I did try making a similar video once but I couldn't stop eating the beads. I shat so many rainbows I swore I was birthing a unicorn.

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to Jonathan, who made a similar video with anal beads but it got pulled from Youtube.

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Reader Comments


must have taken a while

NAT! It's not Perler beads, it's Hama beads! I know this guy, i share the same social network as him. :P

its perfect

Pretty freakin' cool. Pretty simple, but cool.

I feel a little disappointed the opening and ending credits weren't done with the beads though.

golf on tv and geekologie on my computer... what a great sunday

Lol, I thought this was kinda shit. No-one agree? =S

Video, awesome.
Music, awesome.

@7. No.

Very cool but I would not have the patience for that.

HEY, i have an idea, just play the actual games, because were just watching the characters walk around. good concept done very poorly.

Dude that is [email protected]&€N awsome dude!!!

Just as expected, Link is a loser.

It hit it. But it broke :( thanks a bunch GW

___ o o o_
l---L - □lllllll□-
( )_) ( )_)--)_)

@15 fail

Music should be lemonparty oriented

Hey, I'm impressed.

I wonder how long that took to make...............I would have threw it right out the window half way through.................just sayin.

@7&11.....you douches!
that was bad @ss!
let's see if you can come up with sumthin good enuf to make it on here....then i'll make sure to say it sucked!

anyone who picks on this video, i dare you to one up it! this is awesome!

Link!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

This is 100% pure unmitigated WIN.

To quote the street sharks... Jawesome

That was amazing. To think how much time it must have taken to replicate those sprites perfectly, with such fluid animation. Especially give that its hand made with beads.

Link is the man though, I don't know why he had to be the one to mess it up!

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