Apr 22 2010Can't. Stop. Puking: Super-Stacked OREO


In a vain attempt to wash the taste of sausage gravy and vomit out of my mouth, here's an OREO cookie that's 99% cream filling. Looks good doesn't it? No, it looks like me dry heaving over the kitchen sink so hard I just popped a blood vessel in my forehead. Now, I want you to close your eyes and picture that for a second. Hey it's cool, you can touch yourself.

Oreo filling taken to absurd heights [reddit]

Thanks to BJ my PENN, who, you know I will!

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Mmmmm..... Sugar


ew, first?

NOT EVEN CLOSE! but still, yuck

GW BJ Penn is a UFC fighter f.y.i....also I love Oreo's like the rest of us but that would be like eating straight out of the lard bucket, gross.


it tastes like fudge



God my teefers hurt just looking at that big ole pile of centers.

I once dry-heaved so hard I gave myself a black eye.

True story!

Also, that looks delicious.

ewwwy. the filling is gross.

I can attest that merely a quadruple stuffed oreo tasted too much like crisco. I can't imagine how bad this one is.

ALRIGHT.... it took me all night... but THERE is your white stuff. all of it.

@8 why do they call you that?

i'd buy those,,, oreos SUPERSTUFFED!

To all whose only comment are "first" : I'm sure you can find something more interesting to say while youre at it. So stop wasting my time. and try dipping that huge creamy dildo in milk...

Ok, uhh... HAND IT OVER OR I KILL A KITTEN!!! It must be MINE!!!

I'm seriously considering trying to beat this record... Honestly it wouldn't be that difficult.

@17 it really isnt im not sure if i beat it but i think im pretty close... and to all the first bite was manageable but after that its a worl of hurt in the mouth and stomache are!!. *PUKES*

i think I did the same thing when i was high... I used HandiSnacks

Collect Them All!

that reminds me of that time I made a giant candy corn....due to boredom and a few drinks.

oreo filling is nothing but LARD and A LOT of SUGAR..... just sayin


Should be wrapped in bacon. Then maybe deep fried. Some ranch to go with it? (Okay, maybe no ranch...


I gotta say that's pretty awesome and it gave me a chuckle. But I can't help feeling it's a waste of delicious oreos.

@22 Pretty sure these days it's actually vegetable shortening.

i have actually done that before HEHE, yea not good took me like an hour to eat it.

I must find the genius responsible, marry them, divorce them, win the cookie in the divorce settlement, eat it, and puke violently for days.


Stoners all over the world are rushing to the bodega to buy enough cookies to duplicate this culinary feat, except the bodega only has like 5 snack packs of Oreos so they'll probably have to supplement their creation with Nutter Butter's and Pop Tarts.



Weird Al would sh*t his pants.

That looks DELICIOUS! I would probably time myself to see how fast I could eat it...and then probably vomit......but it would be worth it! That's SO friggen awesome...and geeze. People these days; stoners and pot and alcohol. What the fuck is wrong with you?! Pull. Yourselves. Together! assholes....

I did this once, I also separated the marshmallows out of a box of Lucky Charms. You should have seen the look on the guy's face when he poured a bowl of Lucky Charms with no Marshmallows. HE HE HE.

meh, call me when they make a double super stuffed oreo, then we'll talk.

YUMMY waste! =P

@22 hey that's what your mom is made off! on a less serious note... i would probably puke from eating that.

@22 hey that's what your mom is made off! on a less serious note... i would probably puke from eating that.

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