Apr 16 2010All The Cool Kids Are Doing It: Boy Skirts


Apparently there's a growing trend in Japan of guys wearing girl's skirts. And, more than likely, Pokémon panties. Oh did I say Pokémon? Because I meant Hello Kitty.

Skirts are not only for girls any more in Japan. There are also boys that wear "Skirts" in trendy cities such as Harajuku and Aoyama.

Boy skirts are not brand new, they have been done by Jean Paul Goltier and Vivian Westwood, but this fashion is spreading as it gets trendier among today's Tokyo boys of fashion.

Long black skirts are the most popular, but some boys wear short skirts over pants. The most popular skirts are going for over $200.

WTF? Now listen: I'll be the first one to admit I put on my girlfriend's bra and panties and dance around the apartment like a pretty little girl whenever she goes to work, but men wearing women's clothes out in public just ain't right. Unless you're cross dressing, then it's cool. BUT NO TRICKING ME INTO THINKING YOU DON'T HAVE A PENIS WHEN YOU REALLY DO. *ahem* I'm looking at you, bearded lady.

Skirt Boys - Lifting Up in Numbers [bionicbong]

Thanks to Hollie, who may or may not wear men's boxer shorts to bed at night (your secret's safe with me).

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God damn it, Japan, stop being retarded for ten seconds and get back to making kick ass toys and giant robots and weird porn. It's all you're good for these days.

way to fuck it up SpecterM91 I hate you *slams door to room*

@everyone /\, really? Et tu naas? or is it just an impersonator?

@8 - I'm sorry. :(

this is old news...guys in highschool were wearing skirts (mid 90s) I thought it was weird, but hey, whatever blows wind up your skirts. ha.

i love it - men should wear skirts more often. i hope the trend catches on. nothing so sexy as a man in a kilt, i say!

@1-6 My god, the sheer brilliance of the choreography, to say nothing of the writing. A superbly cast masterpiece. Dazzling. Witty. Stirring. I laughed, I cried, I punched my step-child. You cure herpes.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Vivienne Westwood.

Dude, no. -_- Put your pants back on.

that makes me angry, fucking such a stupid trend holy hell

that looks really manly...
daddy issues comes to mind.


that's a guy? thats a girl.
..thats a guy??


I think I speak for us all when I say


Definitely girl boner materials. ;)

WTF, you're japanese, not Scottish for god's sake

I'm an american that currently lives in Japan and I am not surprised by this dress thing. I have nothing against the Japanese, but the men have very femanine traits and customs compared to Americans. Their hair could usually get them confused for a chick, the use of pretty head bands is very common. I'm pretty sure some of them shop in the womens department of the clothing stores, most of of them have skinny little chick bodies...it's weird.

Personally, I think guys and girls have the pants/skirt thing all backwards. If anything, it's the GUYS that need more _room_. Women can wear bifurcated trousers and nothing is getting *pinched*. It's all wrong, you guys. We're doing it all wrong.

I've worn short-shorts, kilts, ruffled pantaloons, caftans, wizard robes, sarongs, culottes, dashikis, gauchos and skorts, but I'd never wear a skirt.

@7 Oh don't worry. This is a prelude to even weirder porn.

ah, the trendy cities of harajuku and aoyama, who hasn't heard of them.

People should be able to dress how they please as long as it makes them happy.

I can't tell if you're being facetious or not, but yes, I have heard of them quite often.

Yeah, you're going to need a better definition of "men's clothing" or "women's clothing." Here, have a starting point:

why are men not allowed to wear bifurcated clothing? it just seems like such an arbitrary and pointless rule. It's only fairly recently in human history that men wore pants, why is there so much resistance to going back?

@23, you are exactly right, men like to wear boxers alone and such when possible because they are more comfortable but pay no thought to WHY, maybe it's because they don't squash our genitals when sitting down like jeans do

@ everyone

Don't try to justify their faggotery

I'm getting horny just thinking about it!! :D HAhaha.

What Douchefags.

GW at home:


@19, @31 & @ 33 Don't be such fucking dipshits.

so fucking cool! I want one. yes. I do.

great, first the iPad, and now this... i'm going to be at the cosmetics counter this time next year aren't i?

I've been wearing kilts for the last 7 years for just about every day (owning 11 and counting), and I get mine ordered from Utilikilts.com . But when i see things like this, my mind just twitches a bit.
I got no problem with seeing men wearing sarongs, dhoti, foustanella, gho, and other garments that are bifurcated wear and what is considered a "man-skirt".
The japanese did have the Hakama/Kimono in the old days, which would look a lot better than the skirt up there personally.... but come on?

Nothing new here..many samurai outfits had skirts, and soemtiems pants that looked skirts... so is nothing new...maybe to western eyes looks like a "female" thing ..but is just another trend... Remember the 80's when muscle guys used to run the along the beach with those gay mini t-shirts?

I guess wearing a skirt helps you pull out your winer faster for a quickie. Hello wierder Japanese porn. ;)

I'm going to stop anyone making the Samurai comparison right now. Those are NOT the same as Hakama, Kimonos, or western equivalents such as the Kilt. There is a large difference between fashion and loose fitting clothing worn for combat maneuverability purposes. The comparison would be like saying just because you wear masks for safety in some sports you wouldn't like a psycho walking around in them on the street.


That's right, When i was in high school i Wore long skirts and EYELINER ALL THE TIME, MY girlfriend LOVED IT, You guys can joke all you want, but this has been done since the 80's BY GOTHIC AND PUNK GUYS!!!!


Those are some of the music acts that have done this, WHAT About freaking MARYLIN MANSON, i am so angry this is being regarded as a japanese trend of today, WHEN IS SO OLD!!!!

Kick Ass was awesome! Just throwing that out there!

THis is vedy vedy bad... yesss.. . no good

The mystery about Japan's inability to meet replacement population has been solved.

OMG, it's like the gender-reverse version of skinny leg jeans!

He looks so serious about wearing that skirt. He's going to wear it with DIGNITY and HONOR! And look at all the people saying SKIRTS FER DOODS R GRAET!
Let me laugh even harder!

thats one big ass ring hes wearin'
just sayin'

and, the shoes do not match the skirt!

You can't stuff a skirt... jus sayin


meh. i second jay. nothing new about it. the goths and punks - oldschool, anyway, as it's sort of fell out of mainstream (woo hoo!!) - have been doing it since the 80's.

i've got several long black ones myself, though my favorite is a "bondage" style skirt, laced up bottom to top along the four pleats. there are assuredly women who think it's quite hot.

i can see where it would perturb men who aren't comfortable with their own (and others') sexuality, but aside from that, what's the big deal? they're extremely comfortable, can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and they don't chafe. :-)

if it goes mainstream, though, *that* will be depressing... :-(

on second thought... yeah, you guys are right - BAD IDEA. soooo stupid looking - let's keep this sh*t fringe!!

My husband looks *hot* in his bondage style skirt.

@41 - I don't care who did it first, it's still retarded. Stop justifying your need to look retarded public, you.

aww come on guys!! what is the problem ? thisis no fashion is equality .. women can wear pants and skirts why not boys? there is also boys'
brass isn't? and boys undies are more comfortable than tongs! xD

but that guy in the pic looks weird ... like a nun

I Would totally do That Asian Chick, looks hot as hell, that asian chick has a nice mouth too

Hahaha I totally bet I know who's setting this trend.

Toshiya, the bassist to a famous Japanese rock band Dir en grey recently started wearing a skirt type thing (looks sort of kiltish) as part of his current style.

I guess it's possible that he's following the trend, but I could see him being a tend setter. That man plays some amazing bass guitar.

i think men in kilts are hot, so don't see why men in skirts wouldn't be, too. granted, not all men would wear it well, but not all women look great in them either.

Kilts, okay, but the person in the pic is not only wearing a skirt but also a feminine shirt and jacket, has femininely-styled hair (as in, it was styled intentionally - look at the under-chin curl), and is holding a blue purse.

...that's not trend-setting, it's cross-dressing.

man...those nukes really messed them up huh?

just sayin'

Never mind fags, I'm a fag and I ain't gonna be wearing a skirt!

The only male skirts acceptable are kilts, aside that they just look...well...look at the photo!


If you doubt yourself, please wear something else.
Orlando, FL. USA

why don't main street shops stock skirts for boys/men then may be more would wear them. I wear them all the time and would not change it, i ve had to make them for boys that see mine and want one, because you can't buy them uk, if you can we don't know where, they look so smart in them to. Plus it is healthier for we need to keep our bits cooler and save on our health bills.

The savagery, barbarism, stupidity and intolerance of many of the foregoing comments shows how uncivilized people really are. And the parochial thinking on the part of many "kilt only" types is VERY toxic. There are no "female skirts," only "sex neutral" skirts, because all skirts are about having a waist & legs---sex neutral anatomy. It isn't about tampons!! And men should not wear bras due to the female only interface. But skirts have been worn by men for 1,000's of years for ex the Roman legions & Macedonians under Alexander the Great. Greece today maintains a military unit of men in skirts. "Cross-dressing" should ONLY be applied to women in athletic supporters & men in bras---skirts & pants are style differences NOT sex differences. President Franklin Roosevelt was raised in dresses, skirts and petticoats like MOST boys in the 1880's see Webshots.

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