Apr 15 2010A Visual Representation Of Apple's No Flash Support Policy On The iPhone And iPad


ROFLROFLOL! I see what you did there. Of course, it would have been funnier if Wonder Woman was the one missing. Get it? Because she's a woman. And women, as you may well know, are notoriously poor drivers but will sometimes flash their hooters if you honk your horn enough. OH I'M SORRY -- IS MY HUMOR TOO DEEP FOR YOU? Boner boner boner!

No Flash Support on iPhone and iPad: Best Example! [walyou]

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I'll flash them

Where the SH*T am I?

Foxtrot did a similar comic a few weeks back



WHAT. I made this joke over two months ago in my webcomic! Thieves!

LOVE Alex Ross's work ...


Fuck you Apple, the Flash is way cooler than those other spandex-wearing clowns. Except Batman (in case he's reading this).

Where did I go just now?


Nice Blog :P . Bookmarked

@11: Welcome to Geekologie!

I'm Jelly, and I'm the coolest guy here.

@5: Good Work, I transfer my lulz to you.

Nice Blog dude :D , Bookmarked !!

Monopolistic savants versus monopolistic web protocols.

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