Mar 23 2010You're Gonna Spoil My Eyes!: Next Nintendo DS To Have 3D Display, Require No Glasses


A Nintendo DS with a 3D screen that requires no cheesewhizzy glasses to play. I swear, what will they think of next? Please say dino humping game, please say dino humping game.

Nintendo's next portable game machine will be called "Nintendo 3DS" and feature 3-D graphics, the company said Tuesday morning.

The new handheld game platform will feature a 3-D display that does not require the use of glasses. It will be released in Japan before March 2011. Nintendo 3DS will be compatible with Nintendo DS and DSi software, the company said.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that 3-D graphics are probably gonna make the world's youth even more violent. You know, because we're blurring the line between game and reality with all this 3-D technology. Amirite or amirite? No? Fine. 2-D STAB, 2-D STAB!

Nintendo 3DS Boasts Glasses-Free 3-D, Coming Soon [wired]

Thanks to Judyo, who already sees in 5-D and has to wait for technology to catch up.

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I can only imagine this working by having maybe three layered screens, which wouldn't look too good. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Wow this is soooooooo interesting.

I'm pretty sure they will still need glasses it doesn't sound like it would look good without them.

Maybe I'm behind the times or don't get out enough, but is this new 3-D craze really that big of a deal? I haven't seen avatar or anything else glorified in 3-D lately, so maybe that's it, but I remember when 3-D movies and shit were supposedly 'big' back in the 80s but the trend didn't last more than a couple of years. Am I really missing out?

This reminds me Of my superCharged Upgraded 3D Gameboy Advance! hOho O.o

You want 3-D games? Go buy a goddamn football and go to the park, you fat, lazy bastards. Jesus H, why dump so much money in to this virtual shit? Just GO OUTSIDE ONCE IN A WHILE.

Need to get laid.

well the virtual boy sucked (lets hope we dont get forced breaks on this one too)

they simply should just put this one on par wiht the ps2 (they claim the current model is on par with ps1)... make it faster and higher res. and support the backwards compatability we all know and love withthe dsi

then pump out the great rpgs we love (imho the ds is the perfect rpg machine (when will we get a port of FF7?)

Fail like the Virtualboy! Heyooo!

i dont care for this 3d fad and hope it dies soon

3D is so last month. I'm going back to bed and I refuse to wake up again until Nintendo develop a 4D system. That's right, baby! I want to know what's going on in the game at every point in time simultaneously.

@naas...yeah dude...its changed quite a bit.

I liked the 2-d stab part. Oh, and general rabble rousing comment that will have everyone debating random shit for three days.

Dear GW,

I don't give a fuck about 3D, give me back my name link you son of a bitch!



PS- I just got a little pop up message saying Geekologie wants my feedback to help understand it's users, and when I graciously click "Yeah, I'll participate" it takes me to a blank page.

I didn't want to take your survey anyway jerkface!

I'm crying inside because you won't pay attention to me. LOOOVVEEE MEEEE!

theres a video of it here;

@11 since you say quite a bit, how is it better than it was before?
@13 damn there you are, your name blends in with the background so it's hard to see who's who on here. I'm marching right alongside you now

@7 hack your psp and find the psxtopsp converter (the psp has a built in psx engine), get an ISO of FF7, convert, play on your psp.


too bad the psp is a horrible little machine that has failed to impress me on the several occasions ive attempted ot gain interest.

i would use it only if it was given to me.

as it is i only got the ds lite cause of a 3 week new england power outage last year... and use it to play final fantasys, chrono trigger, dragon warrior, mario, and zeldas...and tetris.... and the pile of advance games i have at my disposal (i spit at the DSi and the XL)

...the psp go was a straight up insult to the consumer (i dont even think theyve had to manufacture a second wave of those things....remember the n gage?...yeah me neither)

i marvel at sony for their home consoles but they really messed up when it comes to handheld

Hej, GW! This one is better for main pic

...both nintendo and sony are like apple when it comes to 3rd party "back burnerism"

yes i admit i feed hte beast for having a sony phone that requires a micro memory stick and special "net order only" headphone adapter. but its got battery life to spare and great signal so im just another lemming afterall

I sent this in :3


LISTEN! 3D WITHOUT GLASSES is possible, and this is what they are going to implement. As stated it will be"enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses". A LENTICULAR LENS screen accomplishes this, It has already been implemented on an IPHONE throught wazabee!
the only reason this 3D is not popular with all the TV's and such is
a). It requires the screen to be viewed at a certain angle
b). It has to come built in with the TV or product thus increasing the price, or quality is usually reduced,

A handheld accomplishes both of these tasks! because you mainly view the screen at one angle and only one person at a time, usually.
This is how it will be implemented, and if done correctly, turning off the 3D effect will look as though it is a normal 2D DS lite, and therefore completely backwards compatible with all of the other DS games.

I still only use my original (original) DS, yes the fat grey one, and now I am going to upgrade.

you can go to for more information on 3D products and 3D solutions and their technology and such.

@22 Thanks for the info bro, the idea is kinda neat, remind's me of that car NES game that could be played in 3D if you press select.

I'm curious to see what kind of 3D this is. I can see the possibility of rendering sprites, backgrounds, foregrounds, etc. on different levels, making it 3D to the viewer. However, 3D is already available on any normal screen with head tracking. The DSi has a camera, which makes a game like this possible:

If they are just going to render otherwise flat games into 3D, that's not really going to be very impressive. And if games have to be especially developed with this in mind, that is already possible. Perhaps the goal is to make 3D games easier to develop for the device.

#2- You gay?

You can check out people who went to the expo and used the 3ds. There are also some clips of them using it. It looks pretty cool I think they used something that trixs your eyes into thinking its 3d.

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