Mar 11 2010YES!: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Haiku


This is a haiku inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and posted on the appropriately titled website mst3khaiku. I posted two more after the jump, but the site is brand new and there are only a total of five so far. I just thought I'd post it now and get it out of the way before the tip got buried under a wave of peener stretching spam mail other great tips and I forget about it.

Hit the jump for two more and another link to the website.



MST3K Haiku

Thanks to [email protected], who I assume is the maker of the page and better not let me down and stop posting because that would be some real shit, man. Nobody makes a fool outta me!

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Reader Comments

male erection dysfunction is not a joke

correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't "different" three syllables?

Yeah...different would be 3, making the first on 5-7-6. Way to go :P


GW did not show
Haiku written for Manos
The best Haiku there.

"different" i suppose could be considered 2 syllables depending on your regional dialect. Most people when they say it, it comes out "diff rent"

I slurr 3/4 of my words. So, different slides under as two syllables for me.

I'd like to know the relevance of haikus and MST3000...

@ 7 don't you mean "shlur" and "wordsh" ?

Yea, I "shlur" 4/4 of my words too, after half a bottle of Bombay…these haikus would just come out like a one syllable BLUAHHHHHHH....

The second one is almost right out of "Prince Of Space".


At least Sasquatch will always be my buddy
If only he would return my calls....

Third I mean. The bottom one.

Male erection
dysfunction is not a joke.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Is "male" two syllables? How 'bout "poem"?)

Godzilla Haikus!!!!!! These make me blow mustard out my ass.....shame on u GW

Geekologie is
the awesomest rad web place!
(My face smells like ass.)

Jerking off to porn
is not what Jesus would do.
I'll stop.... tomorrow.

@17 I laughed until, like 15, I blew mustard out my ass. Except by mustard I mean Ice cream and by ass I mean penis.

The 3rd one is also 5-7-6, what a moron. Aren't is 2 syllables. He should have put "You should start running"

Three little words? Ohhh
kaaay.... "Tits or GTFO!"

Is that it baby?

(Where you goin' luv?)
(Seems like three to me.)

@boris if you look up the dictionary defintion of aren't ('t ) you'll see the pronunciation guide with two different pronunciations: ahrnt, ahr-uhnt

One with one syllable and one with two. In this case, I believe you to be the moron.

This whole thing is a massive grammar FAIL. Stay away from haikus.

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