Mar 23 2010When You're Really In Love: Bacon Bouquet


, as you may well know, are the key to a woman's heart. And by heart I mean bloomers. But when you're truly in love, crappy red roses simply will not do. Enter the bacon bouquet. It looks like flowers, but that shit is bacon! You keep these things coming and you'll make your way into a woman's XL granny-pannies in no time. Now, close your eyes. Are they closed? Wait, open them. I want you to read this next sentence and then close them tight and concentrate, okay? The worst dimpled, flabby, wrinkled grandma butt your brain can come up with, GO!

Bacon Roses [bitsandpieces]

Thanks to Racheal, who, for the tip, get's a bologna bouquet. God, I'm poor, okay?!

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That is NOT the way into my heart or panties.

ok, we get it. bacon is the coolest thing ever.

i move to ban bacon and steampunk posts. BORING.

one more post with bacon and i'm gonna puke

I would marry the woman that gave this to me for Valentines day, as long as it came with a card that joked about heart disease.....

@3 - if you have a vagina we should procreate. it won't work if you are a dude. it's science.

I'm totally making these for my next superbowl party. My wife will HAVE to love them.

Has anybody else gotten the Geekologie research thing at the botton right of the screen?

GW just wrote this website's grave with another bacon post.

this would be the way to my heart.. that and the toast with the egg in the middle and i'm yours forever..

and my undies are not granny nor xl thank you very much.. it IS possible to like bacon and the gym..

Hola a tOdos.Mi nombre es jOpa! Como estan>.>// espero que muy biien!. Sole tengo que decirles algo..Que los quiierO a todos! Son lo maximo. Espero que la pagina Geekologie tenga muchos exitos y que en el futuro seamos muchos pero MUCHOS Posters!. Tengo 1 perro que se llama Champion y que va a ser papa en los proximos meses.Estoy muy feliz por el .por fiin se volvio hombre.Pense que era Gay. BuenO que disfruten la pagina hOhohO! >/<

Does it taste like chicken?

AMAZING. Must make this for my boy for valentine's day next year.

.... don't be knockin the granny pannies... more cushion for da pushin... just sayin

You just made me associate The worst dimpled, flabby, wrinkled grandma butt my brain can come up with, with bacon.

and it gave me a boner.


This is a completephotoshop job. You can tell its afake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Downwhere Max and his friend had to work, so they had their hockey game on the roof of their store.

Now THAT is the way to win my Atkins' eating heart, oh yeah.

Boring. Boring. Boring. We get it. You like bacon. Boring.

This idea is creative. I had to say I like those flowers. By the way, now I am hungry, haha...
Bridesmaid Dresses

Last sentence made me cry on the outside.

Is bacon geeky? I don't get it. Bacon, Legos, dinosaurs. Bacon, Legos, dinosaurs.

delicious, that is a piece of work right there

Hey, GW; I'm having a BBQ in Venice Beach on Sunday. We're going to make bacon roses, as well as other robot-averse and dino-friendly dishes. Do you think you and other geekologists would be interested?

That just calls out for some nice rose-colored bacon.

Can you say "i'm only living to be 40 cause my heart stopped working!'.

We men have been buying Halmark crap for women.... for decades... It's about damned time someone created something a MAN will use! I wonder if it travels well???

wow even better than eating chocolate roses! XD
sorry bacon roll u are my second favorite snack now XP

You know, I've been saying for years "Don't send me flowers! Send bacon!!" And sure enough when my partner saw this today, he called and said "Have you seen Geekologie yet today? This post is just for you!" And it is. Made of win. (Okay so I'm not romantic, but seriously, what good are dead flowers? Give me FOOD. Or alcohol, both work.)


Nothing says "I Love You" more than some greasy pork.

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