Mar 22 2010Well It's About Time: Chainable USB Plugs


Chainable USB plugs allow you to plug in multiple newfangled USB powered gizmos without sacrificing a port to any one device. Unfortunately, they're still conceptual at the moment. But did that stop me from plugging 100 of them together and setting my laptop on fire? OF COURSE IT DID I SAID THEY WERE CONCEPTUAL YA DUM DUM.

Running Out Of USB Ports? [yanokdesign]
Chainable USB plugs are pure genius [dvice]

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That sucks that this is a new thing...

Cool But who runs out of usb slots anymore?

Man now i can charge all 39 of my ipods.


This is a complete photoshop[ job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max is checking into the Hyatt Regency and complains to the manager that the colorsa inh their logo aren't correctly arranged in the order of the Roy G Biv Rainbow.

that reminds me, I need to take down the christmas lights

thats gay in a way....

HEY!! Those are chainable USB plugs!!

I want some. I wonder if they would work on my computer, though? My usb slots don't have much power. If I plug in anything requiring more power than an 8gb flashdrive, my computer crashes. Sometimes it crashes anyway. And it's a Mac! I hate computers, but I can't live without them. Incidentally, if your laptop won't restart, you can hold it over your knee and press down on the edges and it will start up. It disconnects a faulty logic circuit or something. Since I heard it, I've wondered how the first person discovered this, it's just so wierd.



Someone needs to makes this a reality. I think plenty of people who are dealing with more than an iPod [i.e., keyboard, mouse, scanner, drawing tablet, cameras, flash drive, external hard drives etc.] like designers and such, would be really happy about this.

Reminds me of a public bathroom in the Minneapolis airport.

"What goes around, comes around."

@9 I said it was weird. You act like your going to break your laptop over your knee(tempting sometimes), but don't apply enough pressure to actually break it. The laptop has to be open when you do this so you can press the restart button. I didn't believe it at first, but I've restarted my computer this way twice now. Sorry if I'm incoherent, but it's hard to explain, and I don't think the tip I got was worded any more fluently.

I don't see how this could ever be possible considering the electrical overload issue. Safety departments warn against using too many extension cords, but who knows, maybe somebody will figure out some magical solution.

And they're just NOW coming out with this? in 2010?!?

Come on guys! According to Back to the future part II, we should at least have flying jet packs and Power Laces by now. How else are we going to make the deadline by 2015?

@6 All aboard the man train!

@14 alien crash will happen again next year that is where the tech will come from.

This will never be real, since USB was designed to be a parallel port, so you need a new port for every device.. If you want serial (multiple devices on the same port), go for firewire! Firewire is able to output a lot more power (45 watt per port VS USB with 2,5 watt per port), and is a lot faster because of hardware implementations... USB is sooooo 1900's :p

chainable usbs have been available in asia for a while now

When I saw this picture I immediately thought of this strip from Ubersoft...

Firewire is pretty much being abandoned by Apple. Embrace USB 3.0 and get yourself a few cheap USB port headers for your desktop PC.

dude, this exists already. i saw one 2 days ago. i'll post more details when i find them.

Cool stuff!These plugs are color-coded, so you can tell which belongs to what device.How much will these plugs cost ?

why dont you just buy a USB HUB instead?

USB is designed for star formation, it cannot do multi drop.

Power issues aside, each conector would need to be a hub, and you can only have 4 levels of hubs, so that means you would be limited to 3 connectors.


This is what makes me so mad firewire never took off. It pretty much did this from the beginning and nobody cared.

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