Mar 20 2010TV Remote With Integrated Bottle Opener


The Clicker is a universal remote with a bottle opener attached. I don't know how expensive they are but I do know much it would cost to duct tape a regular bottle opener to my existing remote, so free is kind of my price point right now. And free, as you may know, is what this is supposed to be the land of. BUT I HAVE MY DOUBTS. Know what I'm sayin'? Legalize it. Haha, what do you mean I'm in LA and I can just go get a weed card? WAIT, WHAT?! Slow down you're blowing my mind.

Bottle opener remote is perfect for couch potato beer snobs [dvice]

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Reader Comments

I could really use one of these

So THAT'S why GW really moved to LA.

It also apparently triples the amount of beer you have, seeing as they were able to fill the glass with about 1/3 of the bottle.

Modern survival gear. God forbid you'd have to walk to the kitchen to get your beer open.

I think beer is gross, I prefer liquors. Is that how you spell that? It doesn't look right.

huh.. reminds me of the gore declogger i got on my chain sword to clean out all the human guts that get cought in the gears

Woot For lazy Fatass Americans!!

shame its not left handed.

What a stupid idea.
If, or rather when, it breaks you'll have no opener and no remote.

The cap isn't even bent, lol. Advertising tricks galore

Wow, this should be a standard feature on all tv remotes.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max got a remote control from Ping Pong Feng, that would allow him to fast forward through life. Max fast forwarded through the day to get to the sex, and then replayed it till he was sore. Occasionally he would pause in the middle to get a beer.

Such a interesting idea. But will people buy new remote just because of that?

Bout time, im sick of getting up to open my beer. F*** the Univers. remote bottle opener is centuries before all this multiprogramming shit.

its really cool. these two things are a pair when sitting in sofa

It's just a remote with a bottle opener built into it.

You can also use this thing to change channels.

Its not a remote with a bottle opener... its a fucking bottle opener with added tv operating capabilities.

Genius,absolute f&$^#@!g genius...

Do they even make bottles that require an opener anymore? I thought they were all twist off.

Crack'n open the root beer!

Again, with your shadow theory. Are you a shadow expert, are you even a ninja?

Fools, they should have built in a refillable and replaceable lighter too!

When they incorporate a pistol into a remote with this opener I am buying. Freedom means me shooting you as you enter my home. Be it drunk or other wise get ready for some hot lead and cold beer.

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