Mar 23 2010Thrown An Elbow!: Cool Street Fighter Tattoo


This is a Ryu vs. Ken tattoo on some guy's forearm. As you can see (unless you're actually asleep at work), it's a shot of them both fireballin'. And speaking of fireballin' -- did you know I once stuffed 200 900 Atomic Fireballs in my mouth at the same time? It's true, I vomited flames. And a McGriddle.

Ridiculous Street Fighter Tattoo is Ridiculous(ly awesome) [albotas]

Thanks to Jamie, who got a a tattoo of Cammy's ass on his own ass. Now that's classy.

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Reader Comments

way better than a wrong combo move

Crappy first.

again.... file under:
...... just sayin

I'm not going to go with "ZOMG that tattoo is going to look like teh shit when he gets older! LOLOLO!!!1!one!" comment that people usually spout out, but I'm just going to say.. that looks kind of dumb.

I want one on my dick

Shadows are all wrong.

He'll lose so much definition within a few years. Shame, cuz it looks awesome as it is right now.

Ryu would kick Kens Ass!! AduQue!



My co-worker says that tattoo is pretty, sick, but why would you NOT get mortal combat?

Chun Li is better.

faking rad!

nice nice nice

OMGBBQSTFUCIAFBIWIENERTITS!! I'm going to have to go with...................... aweeeeesome!! Just think, when this guy gets older and his skin stretches it will look like E. Honda fighting Dhalsim!!

Its ok.......meh.

Maybe a bit too much background. Ryu or Ken solo fireballing would look better.

Does anyone else think the Pagoda/Temple—whatever the hell it's supposed to be—looks disturbingly like Darth Vader?

Or maybe it's the martinis talking.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back down where Max was negotiating with the baseball team owner for his salary in a year where he led the league in homers. Unfortunately the team came in last place and the owner said we could come in last without you.


It's funny.
Bridesmaid Dresses

@10 did you seriously just spell it mortal combat? FOR. SHAME.

It doesn matter if the skin gets saggy when he getsolder, cause old people wear long sleeves all year round anyways. So HA!!

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