Mar 23 2010Oh Japan, This Is NOT How You Sell Chips

This is a Japanese commercial for Calbee ear-shaped chips. I have no idea what the hell's happening, but it appears to be a love triangle between a boy, girl, and anthropomorphic circus dog. Which, now that I think about it, makes perfect sense for a Japanese chip commercial. All it's missing is a guy in a diaper playing with dolls.


Thanks to Carol, who agrees it would have been a lot less weird with a cat.

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First baby First! o.O

Are the chips for kids or for dogs?

Whaa wha whaaaa. not first!

I'm going to have nightmares for a fucking week now.

Is the dog real? Creepy....

Hrm how long has it been since I've done psychedelic drugs....

@firstard losers... give it up already, doesn't the smell of fermented shit ever get old?

Did anyone else feel that?

@7 Feel what? hOhohO


Where is everyone today? Closet Nerd? Ollie? ...and where the hell has LSDiesel been? gizmoduck? Did they dissappear with the links or did I miss a revolt?

It's cold in here. There's dead firstards on the floor & a few ppl I don't know looking down at them, help

@5 yes you dumbfuck, its real -.-

What I can't figure out is if the broken heart was magically transformed into giant ears filled with manna that will turn women into love slaves, or that I should secretly try and peal my dogs face off to see if in reality a little girl lives inside.

horrifying, but i'd like to give some of those chips to my cat and see what happens


@ 0:16 .... who the hell is that dog trying to fool? hes wearing a random shirt and his paper face is glued to his crotch... bad dog..

Japan, just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this................ and totally redeem yourself!!!! (Dumb and Dumber FTW!) First class ticket booked. Can anyone give me the GPS location to this backyard?

@10 I've been busy with the kiddies.
I was laid off for two weeks from work. (Weird thing is i do better financially being unemployed and not having to pay the babysitter)
Funny how i'm on geekologie less now, than i was when i was working.... just sayin

I saw Closet Nerd a few posts back. The rest are MIA. I'm the one kicking the dead firstards in the gonads. Let's band together, brother!!

I know how you feel CN lol! The damn babysitter eats my cash like a Japanese dog eats...........................potato chip ears.

no wonder the japaneese drive bad. (i just kid the japaneese drivers) but really did the makers of this commercial take meth?


what is this, i don't even

nice... I saw Ollie posting a post ago after posting @10 and thought about a post partum mother posing online about a box of post raisin bran crunch cereal sitting on a wooden post. Sorry I went offtrack, but I realized I missed Ollie before because THE LINKS ARE DISABLED DAMMIT RRAWWWRRITALLTOHELL

Why are we link oppressed GW... what have we done? I sob in confusion, but not like in that after the first time I masturbated sob confusion... but more of a why can't we link anymore sort of confusion

What in the hell did I just watch? And why in the hell did it arouse me so much?

i don't get it



Well. I'll take my enchanted Griffin else where.

FDSY you know are love is as pure as honey, I am sorry I forgot to ask about where you have been. I think though, to your surprise I already know you were imprisoned within your mind this whole time. Welcome back out and nice griffin

Just goes to show you can always count on a hand-standing, anthropomorphic dog to heal any broken heart!

@ This video. "Your doing it wrong"

13-15 scariest moment of my life.

it says consome!!! en México a Consome is chicken soup .. yum.. im hungry

Is that fake naas or toasted naas?

come on GW this is SO OLD
you honestly have to keep up with the times or your're going to lose some followers ( such as myself )


You always knew me so well.

Scary well

Please leave....................please. I have never seen this before and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you have already seen it, you could have skipped it. STFU, just sayin.

damn, what was i gonna say?

oh yeah, naas, i think they disabled the links cause of all those spammers that have been around lately..... just guessin

The shot with him walking on his hands is just him wearing the costume the wrong way round and with a photo of his face on his crotch...

thats what worried me.

Pedo dog.....

I think that dog might be fake.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where Max was on the phone to the cops, but had to hang up because he was having an old friend for dinner.

what really scares me... is when the dog tries to pawn his crunchy human ears off on the boy lol

His handstand face looks like a p3nis

Oh man, I was really disturbed by this until I looked at the related videos and found a weird vagina/mollusk hybrid thing. I kinda forgot what we're posting about now.

Who slipped tha acid into my coffee?

@42 i watched that video 2 and that was pardon the launguge but that was f*cked up. what the hell are they doing over there?? also all their dang robots.

Urge to kill costumed mascots rising, rising, rising

Way to be creepy Japan. What's next a pedo teddy... oh wait.

@44 The cola part at the end was the cherry on the cake.

IVE SEEN THIS BEFORE...but where??? GW, you sure this isnt a double post?


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