Mar 25 2010Luke, I Am Your Coal-Burning Enemy: A Steampunk'd Stormtrooper Helmet


This is what a steampunk stormtrooper's helmet might look like. Or it might look entirely different, it's really hard to say because George Lucas is a jerk and desecrated my childhood. Regardless, like the Trade Federation motto goes, "brass, glass or coal gas, no one rides for free". Except Han, I'd Millennium the shit out of his Falcon any day.

steampunk stormtrooper helmet is geek overload [technabob]

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Reader Comments

Awesome. I could do that.



beware, victorian storm troopers opium blockade

Sooooooooooooooooo gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Btw I've never seen star wars...

I shit into the mouth of all things steampunk.

Tough break, JD. You can still be first to kill yourself though.


@5 wow really? you need to get out more man.


@5 You fail to integrate into our culture. GTFO

@6, don't say that, my life is shit and i'm ready to kill myself right now.

@2, @3, @11 Jd, don't do it! I'll do anything for you, ANYTHING, just don't do it. I'll even fix the shadows that Daisy always criticize. Or, do you have any other idea?

looks like a storm trooper with acne went and painted his armor to look like boba fett's...

Jd - you could try I WATCH STUFF, it's kind of like the little leagues of being firstarded. Also, I am not the kind of dude that is gonna feel bad if i told you to kill yourself and you really are suicidal or if I say your mom is fat and you tell me that she died last week. i don't give a shit. so that trick doesn't work on me.

I'm soooooooooo tired of steampunk... 95% of the time it's NOT thought out well and is basically gears and tubed glued onto things for no good reason or premise of functionality. Stuff stuck everywhere for no good reason what so ever.

If you're going to hack something up at least make it look like "Hey, that gear looks like it actually turns and should move that!" or "Wow! That switch or knob must be for this, that and that!"


Richard, you are so bad.

I really am suicidal. And it's MUM not MOM you yank bastard

He's wearing a colander hat.

I want the eagle novelty head.

(765) 967-2505 - Text me bby!

steampunk is so original and new, we need 100 gazillion more steampunk things immediately

Looks kinda like Brotherhood of Steel.

I love how people who have never created a thing in their life somehow have all the time in the world to criticize someone who does.

You think it's shit? Make something better. Freaking mums basement critics... :) (oooo I raged on the internet, does that make me cool mummy?)

hey 23 - im a musician and ive been performing for over 10 years

so go suck your own self-righteous cock, and fucking choke on it

it looks like someone peppered this helmet with rivets and sprayed brown shit on it... doesnt even look close to being steampunked

i dont really get it, did you use a colander on the top?? damn you wasted the novelty item

So fucking cool..

@22: That's exactly what I thought!

@22: You're right, the first time i saw this i thought "hey, fallout!"

@22 FINALLY someone notices

I thought the same thing about the colander on its head. Convinient if you ever need to strain the pasta, I guess?

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