Mar 17 2010Hard Hitting Journalism: A Sexy Gamer Girl


Many of you are probably thinking I only posted this because I needed something I could just toss up quick and dirty to keep you entertained while I unload a shit-ton of boxes. Well those people are 100% correct and should consider careers in child psychology.

jmi3i [izit]

Thanks to Rob, who failed at Konami coding her underwear off.

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I came

Nice sofa.

punching in the secret code will definitely unlock a few hidden levels

@2 Try Futon Dumbass.

@4 ha


GW - why don't you dedicate one day to hot geek gurlz?

Fap fap fap

Good God!! Want!!

@7 What? You are fapping to #6's mom! Queef fag


i came...HARD!

@6 That is the smartest thing I've ever heard anyone say about anything, EVER!!!!!
.... just sayin

Holy shit dude!! This is my neighbor across the hall! I have now dedicated my life to a new mission... To seduce sexy gamer girl from across the hall. If I can't do that then I will blackmail her with this picture. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes.

I don't have the heart to tell her, but using that third-party strap and remote skin won't protect her TV from flying wii-remote destruction...

Huh? What underwear?

GREAT!!!! Now I can't stand up from my desk for about 15 minutes or so......

LOL good one

Nice panties! Present for the girlfriend? Now if I could just muster the courage to show my GF this photo......Honey, I swear, it was on Geekologie!

badass, if only she had that titty ps2 controller t-shirt with the joysticks on the nipples.

ID HIT IT. like link with the megaton hammer

Does anyone else have a sticky keyboard & mouse?

She's not wearing a bra and the t-shirt is kinda see through

My laptop floated up off my lap a couple of inches.

hmmm, seems she likes sucking on things


thats cuz you fart'd.. you pig.

She looks hot until you get to the underwear. By a strange optical illusion the coloration and pattern of the underwear makes it look like SHE HAS A GIANT PACKAGE.

She has a 'surprise' in store for you!

is she married? LOL

@26: At least engaged, it seems.

Oh look, Gamer Girl.

Committed girl cuts score in half, so 8 + 2 (for being a gamer chick) /2 (in a serious relationship) = 5.

She's average.

Damn, boner at work!

@4 LOL

That's a Linux shirt.

It's gotta go.

@2, @4, lol.

She looks like she's packing major bush under those skivvies.

It would work better with a SNES controller so I could unleash a combo breaker on that mineshaft.

game on

GW, you tell us you'll be gone for a while unpacking, but how do we know you're not really planning to go off and die again? Like you've already done so many times before?

@13: No...
You are in SOME fantasy world dude.

I must say you guys have taste. Guys out here just want bikinis, it gets boring after a while.

I can never pluck my eyebrows that straight, damn.

I bet GW is really a girl...

Good luck with all that. She's married.

1/2 credit due to fail.

IT'S A TRAP! (Linux T-Shirt is dead giveaway. )

im not gonna say that i wouldnt but... I think its funny anytime a half decent chick wears somthing gaming related and is maybe holding a controller or in this case nibbiling on it like some kind of naughty sex kitten , she is probably terrible at video games she just thought it would be cute to put that on ... and yea yea the photo is fake shadows and what not

im not gonna say that i wouldnt but... I think its funny anytime a half decent chick wears somthing gaming related and is maybe holding a controller or in this case nibbiling on it like some kind of naughty sex kitten , she is probably terrible at video games she just thought it would be cute to put that on ... and yea yea the photo is fake shadows and what not

I think we crashed the host site..... just sayin

yummy, but my girl is SO much hotter and loves my wii. :-D
pics shall be forthcoming very soon. lol

wish i had more hands to give that girl 4 thumbs down!~!!!!

She stole mah panties. I'd like dem back pleez.

Awesome linux penguin baby-doll tee.

the jokes on you GW, i've been masturbating so profusely lately (because of your absence) that this hardly is arousing to me at all!

Darn our nerdish obsession hath destroyed the link.

Once she puts on a controller with a vibrating function, you'll never see another image of her again...depending on the sites that you regular.

I saw, i came, i conquered!!!

@ 50


(sorry just too easy...)

........"and i jissed in my pants"...

Yeah she's hot, but unfortunately with the internet these days, it's probably photoshopped or a joke to get us thinking "Woah, so there are hot gamer girls out there!!!!11!11!!!1!!" I, thank god don't need to worry about this, because my girlfriend is hot and although not a heavy gamer, she does enjoy the odd video game, and she's even finished LOZ - OOT

Way to go Alex. She's a keeper. ^^

not cool 51, @52 fail. it's jizzed.

I NEED these panties in my life. I just spent half an hour searching all over the internet and I can only find pictures, but no way to buy them.
Thanks for the tease, GW.

@45: Where did you get them?!

I'm not a gamer, but I know how to make explosives. Do they have underwear like that?

@56: A site called stylinonline, but they've been discontinued. :<

Just checked e-bay, too. No dice. ;; I'm never gonna get 'em back, am I.

Thank you Amy

I'm finding it very difficult not to quest to find her. I miss her and I haven't even spent more than ten minutes with her photo. Wait, not miss....... need. Mmmm. Enthusiastically passive-aggressive, mild but pleasant, sex-crime fantasy day dream!!! Yay!!

My she's pretty.

nice... but can she play?

I dont like gamer girls. I want to play alone all the time. NOT SHARING. I prefer a beer carrier girl. Thanks. I've a soft skin remote controller if she decide to play some day.

@ 56 Yeah, those panties are discontinued i think. Good luck finding them unused ;)

@66 I think a lot of guys would prefer them to be used..... just sayin

So Rob couldn't find the G button. Lol

Hey - You chicks saying you don't have these panties and can't find them - umm.. I just happen to .. errrrr... have several of them brand spanking new and un-opened in my dresser, closet, desk!.. So if you all will be so kind as to hmmm.. post pics of yourselves 'not wearing' them as proof that you're in real need of Nintendo Panties, I'll be glad to ummm... Send them your way. Just sayin'

If zoomed in to the naval area you'll notice a good amount of hair there. *FAP FAP FAP* See my link...

Since she is wearing a Linux shirt, Linux not being conducive to games, she probably not the gaming girl we liked to believe she is. But the spirit of the picture is still enjoyable.

I set the pic as my new desktop background.

I'll be practicing the contra code on her panties...

linux shirt and wii controller? double fail. Only good are the panties.


Gi-gi-giggidy-goo alright! fap fap fap!

What about hot geeky men?! There has to be something for us geeky women ;)

Why does she have to hold the Wiimote like that? Brb bathroom...yeah, bathroom...I have to pee. Yeah...

hey shutup she hot an makin u dicks horny so stop comlaning

@34 lol that is so true
@63 its not about her playing its about how i can play with her

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