Mar 22 2010Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Popsicle Shirts


Today only over at Teefury they're selling Han Solo Pop shirts (I'd like to pretend they're creamsicles). $9 plus $2 shipping ($5 international) brings one to your door. Alternatively, $2K and a case of beer bring mes. Oh who am I kidding, I'll show up for a few stray cans of backwash. Mmmm, cigarette butt-y.

Teefury (will be an entirely different shirt tomorrow)

Thanks to James "Thunderhorse" and mud, who just want to lick Han's frozen nipples so bad.

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second!...unless someone else comments while i'm typing this

thanks to marijuana, this really was a good idea for s t-shirt

damn, for a t-shirt.. not s



Do you get paid to post these teefury ads?

Hey!!! That's Han Solo!!!

Han Solo just keeps getting stuck in things. I'm surprised we haven't found him the La Brea tar pit yet. Oh well, I bet Solo pops will really raise your midichlorian levels so you too can be the chosen one!

Kinda remind me of that turin cloth. Both are fake.


I guess you don't make enough money being a fucking idiot, so you have to sling other peoples' t-shirts. You suck.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max found out one of the other kids at the gymnastics school got a GED and didn't understand what drunk driving had to do with school.

Wait, did Daisy make a comeback while I was gone?

It seems to be Daisy..and in the last post too.
However where's the name link to prove it?
And where's Nass's name link to prove his identity?
Its just there are a lot fake-photo-shopped- Nass's out here.

Not that the link would prove anything since anyone can use yours..but, these two people usally have FB links...

@15, It appears that none of the links are working. I definitely had one in my last comment, and it isn't there, oddly enough.

Han has a stick up his arse and no legs!

@17. The name-links were turned off a few days ago.

Yes no more linkage folks, no idea why we lost hotlinking or leaving a URL for referencing

I'm guessin' the links encourage spammers. The more off-site links there are to their scam pages, the higher their google score.

Links also encourage readers to leave the site, and ad-supported sites want you to stay (and click the ads of course). Kinda doubt that's the main reason tho.

Dear geekologie god,
We are but mere peons to your wondererousness.
One day you allow us to cuss... Other days not.
Why are you taking away our linking abilities?
Please restore your people..allow us to cuss and link.
Your humble servant

They could totally make these popsicles and the popsicle companies merely choose not to! I'm pissed! They used to make these bomb-ass ninja turtle popsicles with gumball noses that only the ice cream man would have... but they were all intricate and everything. Han Solo Carbonite bars would be easier than breaking apart a twin pop. It's crap, and I say we take a vote on it. I vote yes, and if they need to discontinue something to make them... rootbeer flavored popsicles. Uhg... just the thought. They were utter crap. Seriously HORF.

from far away it kinda looks like a retarded wookie.

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