Mar 17 2010Electricity!: Awesome Tesla Coil Performance

I'm not really that into performance art unless it involves the naked ladies, but I thought this guy was okay. And not in a homoerotic way either. OF COURSE IN A HOMOEROTIC WAY! Now rub your feet on the carpet and touch my nose. DO IT!

Other Electronic Music: Tesla Coil Jam! [motherboard]

Thanks to sharky, who I used to be afraid lived in my swimming pool.

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(just bcoz i didnt get to it first)

So be a secondtard?


cool lil vid but i dont think the tesla coils are actually making the noises electricity doesn't randomly change pitch he just synced his movement to the music he made

Aaron is a convicted child molester.

Hey GW!

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Fun blog!


this guy is like a metal meshed lighting ninja. those tesla coils seem like they would do a good job playing the song seventeen years by ratatat...


@10 no, @1 is ghey

bbbzZZZzzzRRrRrrAWESOME zZzzZZZZzzztt

@5 I didn't think so either at first, but I disagree. It seems like the electricity is running through a filter to control it along with the music similar to autotuning. Shit I don't know now, maybe you're right


Did you figure that one out all by yourself big guy?

It would be nice if there was some way to combine tesla coils and electric guitars... Or maybe a guitar made out of tesla coils...

Anyhow I just started reading your blog and I love it. I think you have sufficiently managed to distract me for 2 whole days. And only because I finally had to stop digging in the archives.

um. technically, there's no naked chick here so it's officially not performance art.

This was pretty cool and all. It sounded like there was a marching band in the background as well (maybe just the drums). Wonder if he does parties?

the tricity goes through his feet to the ground when he jumps

As cool as that was it got a bit boring after about a minute.

WHere can i get the mp3?!

He should have dressed as one of The Three Storms from Big Trouble in Little China or Raiden from Mortal Kombat.

Sounds like he's running a theremin through a bass synth

Pretty east to make electricity make noise. That's all thunder is. Make it arc at a particular frequency and you get a tone. It's just a fast repeating lighning bolt discharging at thousands of times per second.

Lighning thrower FTW!

First = fail :D

most of what you all have written is allready done. ethere is teslacoils guitars, the type of testlacoils used is probably DRSSTC that stands for Dual Resonant Solid State Teslacoils, that are based on electronic circuit to make the LC circuit for sparks, and the freqenzt varies with the imput to the IGBT that are the circuit transistors that makes it works.

the only thing that not generated by the TC's is the Base. would sound awfull most likely if it where.

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@5, @12 : indeed, sounds are synthetiz..syntho.. sinth.. grrr .. are made elsewhere , he's just giggling.

Wonder if I could convince my wife to stand in the middle of the coils by telling her it would give her an instant perm?

I've seen this sort of thing live. Yeah, the music is just synchonized, but it's still bitchin awesome. Anyone in Detroit area might want to come by the sci-fi convention Penguicon ( cause they should have it again this year. April 30- May 2

I just wish the guy playing drums was in the suit instead of crappy dance man. And if they were made out of as much metal as possible, even metal sticks, that would pretty much be awesome. There would be arcs everywhere.

i'm surprised no one mentioned how bad this guy fails. he kept reaching out his arms to get the two arcs touching his hands, and failed almost every time. In fact every time he tried to get the (usually the right one) to arc, he couldn't. fail..


FFS man, the link was 3 inches below the video on THIS PAGE!

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