Mar 9 2010Demon-Spawn, Burn It With Fire!: Woman Has 3-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her Damn Head


Rouse the villages, tell them to bring torches!

A 101-year-old woman in China has baffled doctors after growing a huge goat-like horn on her forehead.

"[At first] we didn't pay too much attention to it," said Mrs Zhang's youngest son Zhang Guozheng.

Cutaneous horns are made up of keratin -- the protein found in fingernails -- and are typically seen in elderly people who have had prolonged exposure to sunlight.

"Now something is also growing on the right side of her forehead -- it's quite possible that it's another horn."

Dude if she grows a horn on the other side there's no way in hell(!) you can tell me she's not demon-spawn. Shoot, even with just the one I'm convinced. Now, start collecting dry branches.

Hit the jump for two more shots, at least of which kinda looks like a bad pickle.



Woman grows 6cm horn on forehead [9news]


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Reader Comments

ololol first

That is one horny old bitch.... talk about a cougar... or maybe a rhino

god if she were mexican she would be the devil

so if its like fingernail can some one chew on it ? or can she use toenail clippers on it?

Thats gross..

It has begun...

It never fails...GW ALWAYS has the grossest post' at lunchtime...

That's seriously fucking radical. Should kill it with fire though.


She's kinda cute for a 101 yo...

God I hope the other one grows in before she dies.

Must be 'shopped surely? I'm no biologist, but I don't see how this could happen, unless it's a bunch of badass mole hairs clumped together - chewy.

I saw this like 3 months ago.

Holy F she needs to take care of that.

She turned me into a newt! Burn her!!

HOLY CRAP! I think she's eating a person in that last pic! THE END IS NIGH!!

thanks GW for haunting my dreams tonight with thta picture

I threw up all over my keyboard just now

figures that this happened in china...china is ALWAYS getting weird stuff.

GW I skipped my last period to come read your blog and you horrify me with this old bat? For shame GW!

Complete Photoshop job...

Ah, hell. Where's Daisy when we need her?


Like my mother used to say, if you can't say something that isn't "first," STFU and GTFO. Wait a minute...

yea, go f-yourself tongue girl, this babe is fo' real!

"...and are typically seen in elderly people who have had prolonged exposure to sunlight."

Typically? This is somehow typical?!

"Oh, no big deal... she was probably just out in the sun quite a bit."

I'm pretty sure you could leave my grandma out in the sun for a few years, and she still wouldn't sprout FUCKING HORNS! Mostly because she's dead... but still.

It's the end of days, Hellgrandma is here, and I want to vomit


That gal oughtta be in pictures!

And here's the curly version, but being caucassian the dumb woman had it removed:

... when she was younger ...

@ Man! If she was mexican she'll be "El diablo" Xd

Nevertheless, have you seen she chewing meat? Definitly a goat that've been shaved a little.

She'll be the one that the robots let live....

Furi Kuri!

ZOMFG thats sick I WANT!


I bet she gets all the candy at halloween. ;)


I want some damn horns! too bad I'm not often exposed to sunlight...

You skipped your last period? I hope to see that baby in nine months then. I was told I'd be the Godfather. You made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Ewwww!! is this real?
Burn it!!!


Dude I fucking want some horns

that's a fucking horn

@12 There are lots of documented cases of this happening all over the world. It's not a photo trick.

My question is why didn't she get it removed when it first started, and why doesn't she do something about the new one thats obviously already started. Livestock supply stores sell a powder used to burn the horns off baby goats. She could just get some of that.


Oh lord...

I wanna suck on her horn..... just sayin
nah, i'm just kidding.... i wanna nibble on it

Comon a horn is quite a sexy devil thingy! If she only were 80 years younger....
Maybe I get one too, If I eat raw flesh like she does... I'll start right now!!
nom nom nom!!

If you're a guy, you go blind. If you are a girl, you grow horns.

someone's been having a little too much fun with Photoshop.

In the first picture, it looks like she has a HUGE booger on her lower lip.... just noticing

@28 I totally think im going to go vomit now, thank you

@15 A newt?

Man, I can`t wait till her horn shows up on e-Bay I would TOTALY give my mom that for her b-day!

Ok, so cats are growing wings. Snakes are growing legs. Dragons are real. People are crying blood. A billion year old species of organisms burst from the earth. Freak earthquakes. H1N1.and now a woman actually has horns growing from her forehead. K, I am officially ready for the end of the world. I might as well not pay for another year of college if that degree is going to mean nothing while we all float in bits around in space.

you people are perverted and you know it! sucking on that, and who said she was cute? another creature that has similar disease is a rabbit with Shope papilloma virus.

We'll know for certain when she grows a pointed tail.

@26 Leave humour alone. What did it ever do to you?


Rise up all you goats! She's becoming one of you! It looks photo shopped, hard to tell though!

@ 8

According to christian Cannon trying to kill her with fire wouldn't really work because they live in freeze her with ice?

rule 34 please

The end of days is near! Floods, Earthquakes, Famine, Devil Spawn!

OH and @28.....I hate you for that.....

Ugly chinese freaks. Too many Cats & Dogs for Breakfast = Freaks!


What a great coat rack she makes.

Reminds me of this


you heard the man, shut the fuck up and start collecting those damn dry branches.

What do you think happens if you devour chicken without washing your claws

Considering how she's asian, I'm tempted to say she's turning into an Oni. x3

I've actually seen people in the UK with random horns and shizzle. I saw one guy with a horn on his EAR. Yeah. Beat that.


OMG WTF shes f...n saitn!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaargh! First pic looks like another one sprouting on the other side.


What can she fucking do with it, i don't think she is a devil when she got one horn. She is just eating chicken, like most of us do. I think she is poor. Don't do this rude. Why would you? Do you really think she can make fire whitout a thing in her hands? Do you really believe in that fantasy stuff, than you are an idiot. Leave her.

leave her alone you bastards, the woman was born that way, it;s not her fault if she has a spot on her head where concentrated amount of hair are growing and forming a horn like thing. Nobody is laughing if you don;t have a horn, right?.everybody has an imperfection on his/her body but for some is more visible than others.


screw that! I say NUKE IT FROM ORBIT!!!!!

It's not Photoshop. This kind of thing can happen, especially in Eastern countries. Look through the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and you'll find all kinds of stuff like this.

epic i wants me some horns wtf y do old people get all the good stuff

There is NO GOD, so how can there be a devil. I believe it is all reasonable scientific evidence that she was prolonged in the sun to much. She is NOT the devil spawn, your out of minds if you believe otherwise...


Always wash hands with soap and water before eating.

wow! I never see that!!

wow amazing

Wow, her mother must have some relation with male goat :P

Omg! is it real? or photoshop?

Nice--just had to through in some racism there.

I'd use that for taking people's eyes out.

Well horn and nails are only tightly packed hair cells. It must have started as an ingrown hair and went from there. What no tweezers out there?!

I want horn's like that !!!

You guys are fucking Idiots! You have the mentality of pre pubescent kids! She is not evil nor a demon! she has an abnormality on her face have some compassion you fucking scrotum poles!

number one most wanted old goat on our list

what a dirty fucking old billy goat. she wants fucking killed! old goat patrol at your service!

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