Mar 8 2010Cuuute: Squirrels Pretending To Be Astronauts


This is a pair of squirrels playing outerspace in the park with a couple of coconut helmets on their heads. YOU TWO ARE CRACKING MY SHIT UP!!

Miss Roberts, 46, leaves out two coconuts a week and suspends them on pieces of string from her washing line and watches her furry friends dig in.

She said: "The first time I saw them feeding I nearly died laughing, they looked like a pair of astronauts and even now I can not stop chuckling every time I see them.

"I make a large hole in the coconut so they can get to the flesh. They cannot get enough of them.

Is that not the cutest thing? Sure squirrels are glorified tree-rats and love to dive in front of my car, but they also play space. Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? MAYBE PRIMATES AREN'T OUR CLOSEST RELATIVES AFTER ALL! Hello, operator? Get me the Smithsonian.

'Astro-squirrels' use coconut shells as helmets [telegraph]

Thanks Spikey DaPikey, bring two rolls of aluminum foil and we'll get this space party started right.

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Reader Comments

What a couple of nuts.

Nice, funny, and nice

I'll bet those squirrels tasted great, too.

missed opportunity for use of the word 'coconauts' - what a shame.

NICE.. as a friend of geekologie.. if you guys like.. check out..

its the same sorta crap like this post :)

I bet this was shot on a Hollywood backlot.

I'm just sayin'.....

WHY CAN'T I SEE NEIL ARMSTRONG'S FLAG WITH MY $20 TELESCOPE FROM K-MART??? HUH?? And now you want me to believe that Squirrels are Lost in Space?!!

Coconuts make TERRIBLE helmets. Don't squirrels know anything? Maybe if they got their squirrel-heads out of their squirrel-asses, they would actually learn something about helmets.

@4 LMFAO!!!!!!

I like Coconuts. And Squirrel. WOW!

I was not aware the Canadians had a space program.

OMG it's ALIEnS!

I wanna see video

...astroNUTS teehee

@4 = WIN!

Cute picture. And here's what happens next:

Its nice to make people smile :)

As cute as it is, I reckon it's fake. It's two pictures of the same coconut-wearing squirrel, merged together. If you look closely (and who wouldn't; they're space squirrels!), you can spot the identical grass several places in the picture.

What, I'm a pedantic bastard, deal with it!

Don't touch that squirells nuts!

I agree with 20, that picture's shooped.

It's the British Space Programme!


No Sponge Bob references?

Yep, definitely same squirrel & coconut, but still cute. I don't know why they remind me of the old Abe games on PS1. ::shrug::

@ 13 - Shoes... Didn't I tell you to go away? Only losers and assholes post ads on comment threads.

They look like Big Daddy's!

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