Mar 6 2010A-Maze-ing!: Aspiral Clock Tells Time With Ball


The cleverly designed Aspiral Clock slowly rotates, moving a little ball further toward the center of the spiral and telling a fairly accurate time all the while. They're handmade in Britain and come in every color imaginable. Unfortunately, the cool comes at a cost. Namely, £350 (~$530). I'd rather just be late! Not that kind of late though. Ain't nobody putting a baby in this ass!

Hit the jump for more color options, a video and a link to the product site.



Product Site
Aspiral Clocks [sweet-station]

Thanks to TARDISf***er and Allowicious, who tell time the old fashioned way: guessing.

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Gay shit is awesome.

I will get one if it's say 2 feet wide in radius. Would make a cool deco in my contemporary condo. No a fan of the small version thou. Not bold enough as wall art in that size.

How do you read it?

Well kick me in the balls and tell me it's Wednesday! If this isn't the most amazing thing I ever did see I'll dip my pecker in nacho cheese sauce and tell you I'm Mexican!!

@4 is awesome.

There's no hour hand. Couldn't they make the ball dropping thru the hole flick a number or sumpin? Or just put an hour hand in front?

The spiral goes round and round 12 times slower than a second hand and 5 times faster than a minute hand. I wonder if you can see it move?

i thinking more along the lines of "very late to a very important date..."

it's obvious how you read it:
If the ball is half way between 4 and 5, that means its 4:30.
If the ball is three quarters (3/4) between 2 and 3, that means it's 2:45.

After 11:59, the ball drops back to 12:00 at the bottom.

If you look at the distance between 12 and 1, they are about 144 degrees apart. I'm estimating this, because they are closest to the perimeter, and look to be roughly over a third apart (40% = 144 degrees)

That means, every hour, this turns 144 degrees, or 1728 degrees in 12 hours, or 4.8 full rotations every 12 hours.

If we knew the width or radius we could get MPH.

Looks like it ticks:

Anyways my only criticism is that it would be impossible to read minutes on the 11th hour.

I think this would be greatly improved if it weren't centered around 12:00 - making it contextually focused around say, 5:00pm, would be more meaningful to most people.

This is trippy as shit. Time better not move as fast as in the demo.

because telling time should never be easy.

nice more interesting

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