Feb 21 2010Triforce Latte: Dammit Link, Stop Fidgeting


This is a Triforce latte (liquid courage, power and wisdom) that deviantARTist Monk Drew made his brother for his birthday. Now I'm not saying a coffee-drink is a pretty weak-ass present, but my brother did get me Carl Sagan's Cosmos on DVD for Christmas. Just sayin' -- WHAT DID I NOT DESERVE BLU-RAY?! Kidding Frank, I know it's not available ALTHOUGH I'M CHECKING AMAZON RIGHT NOW JUST TO MAKE SURE. Whew, okay we're cool.

Monk Drew's DeviantART (with a ton more great latte art)
Triforce Latte - A Drink for a True Hero [albotas]

Thanks to Christy, who once drank a Zora latte on the way to work and puked all over the back of the bus.

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Reader Comments

wuhuu! nice man! :)

I love it when that happens to me

Nap time...zzz....COFFEE TIME!

humans drink beans for energy? *jots down note on data slate* what else gives you power human slav..er friend?

geeky for sure, although it couldn't have been that hard to make heh.

ew, zora latte would make me puke too..

looks sloppy. good job.

i didnt know gw went to albotas!

More like TRIANAL BUTTFORCE! GAY!!!!just sayin'.

Praise Jebus! Dammit was spelled properly on geekologie! Great Justice!

Umm... lot's of food posts lately

Crayons are food? So rocket crayons are fast food, get it?

He's so lucky all I got from my little sh!t of a brother was food posioning,
next time he came keep his month-old foccilised sandwich!

your brothers name is Frank Writer?

sounds like an honest guy.

I don't give a fuck what you say, 'damn it' are two separate words. No need to fucking join them together.

This sorta thing is so easy, is not news.

I'll have mine Irish.

Also, big up the Carl Sagan yo.

It would only be a true "Tri-force" if it was a triple shot of expresso......just saying...

Powerful and delicious!

hey, that looks like the tri force from that game zelda!

I think the triforce meme is spent.

this post inspired me to create a dark side of the moon tri-force design. http://flic.kr/p/7Fw1fb

Very nice

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