Feb 4 2010Retro Thursday: Japanese Star Wars Tuna Ad

Sure Retro Thursday isn't even a real segment on Geekologie but you never know, I might run with it. And by "it" I mean your bike. Of course if I was smart I would ride with it, but I'm not. This is a Japanese commercial from 1978 for Hagoromo canned tuna featuring one-off three-off versions of your favorite Star Wars characters. It didn't really make me want to run out and buy tuna. Slim Jims and beer, sure, tuna not so much.

Video: Star Wars disco sea chicken [pinktentacle]

Thanks to patrick, Melissa and mac, who are all smart enough to know squid's the real chicken of the sea.

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those silly asians

Long live the robots.

much better than the newest lucus production

To quote "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" -- "I THINK GEORGE LUCAS GONNA SUE SOMEBODY!"


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another reason why I hate everyone.

AOTS is where I saw this first :( my life is (fill in blank), but I love (fill in blank).

another reason why we all hate E.T.

What's not unusual about this, is that Japan is actually a lot like that


This ad is nothing compared to the ad campaign run for Mr. Sparkle by the Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern joint venture.

Star Wars SUCKS!

But this sucks even more... TUNA

I can't believe my boy Ken Goldstein isn't on this yet

Sea Chicken?? I would have though the Japanese, a proud sea-faring nation, would have their own word for tuna.

Actually, they do, the Japanese word for tuna is Maguro. You see it in red at 0:11.

Sea Chicken is in Katakana (usually foreign words) as Shi Chi Kin. Below that is "Ho-wai-to Mi-to" LOL, white meat.

@13 I just picture Ken looking like Mort Goldstein from Family Guy

Well that ad just says Tuna all over it.
Crazy Japan.

I bet you can "tune a piano",
but you can't "tune a fish"..... waka-waka-waka **ducks tomato flying overhead**

@16 he (or whoever has stolen his identity) has a link to his facebook account whenever he complains about copyright infringement. He looks a lot like mort indeed

@naas: it's his mama.
and this sucks infinitely less than the clown wars.

You can see C-3PO's panty lines.

This is EXACTLY what Youtube was made for. I can't think of any way in which Youtube can be more effectively leveraged.

Thay managed to make c3p0 gayer

I watched this five minutes ago but I'm still shaking my head. Just, NO.

But YES at the same time.

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they all tuna "sea chicken" in Japan. That star wars tie up was unathorised.


If Star Wars was made into Japanese style art it would look like this

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