Feb 22 2010Real Bacon Potato Chips: Once You Pop You Can't Stop (Until Your Heart Does, And It Will)


Who's Your Daddy (that's easy, I am) Real Bacon Homemade Potato Chips ($5) are exactly what they sound like: deliciousness incarnate. Bet you can't eat just one (bag) you glutton you.

We start with the best quality potatoes and add a proprietary blend of some extra-bacony goodness. They will put a grin on your face and promise to test your limits of self-control.

It is our stated mission that you have a heightened sense of expectation before opening a bag of our Real Bacon Handmade Potato Chips that is exceeded every single time that bag is opened. Enjoy!

Oh I'm going to enjoy all right, ENJOY SUING YOUR PANTS OFF FOR KILLING ME! You think ghosts can't sue? Ghosts can sue. Just ask Casper. He's been after that free candy van guy for years for passing out laced candy. Ha, good luck with that, Casper. Say mister, have any Jujyfruits?

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Thanks to Chuey the midget, who, despite his small size, can still win competitive eating contests.

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Reader Comments


Is this gonna have the same effect as those olestra chips? what was it called...anal leakage? too much pork fat is known to have that effect...

anal leakage is not a side effect thats an effect glad i got rid of my squishy organs a long time ago

I don't know who my daddy is now after witnessing the raw awesomeness of BACON chips.

Well, if nothing else, I learned who my daddy was.Which makes this post so worth it.


my dear lord, bacon chips....

opps, bad link

The asian store near my house sells ham & cheese flavored chips and the English brand Walker's sells both bacon and roast chicken flavored chips. They taste exactly like bacon and roast chicken. Asian ham & cheese chips are too scary to try.

8 minutes and already 8 comments. Usain bolt would be proud.

This will go great with my bacon infused beer!


Wow, I can actually see the sterol groups waving at me. I love America.

Mmmmm!............. Bacon..............
:{***} I think I have these at home...

Isnt there already bacon and potato flavored ice cream? I feel like this is old news....

^that's flavoured

extra-bacony goodness == bacon grease
grin on your face == acne

BACON CHIPS?!?!?!?!? *dies*

@ 2 - Olestra. You're sitting in it.



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