Feb 4 2010Informational Graphics: State Of The Internet


This is a little (well, large actually) informational graphic explaining who uses the interwebs and some other stuff about this bitchin' series of tubes. There's nothing particularly shocking about the stats except for the fact that US broadband speed sucks big ol' fossilized dino balls compared to everywhere else. Oh, and the State of the Blogosphere section, that part was interesting. Did you know that 16% of bloggers consider themselves "snarky", 44% "humorous" and 54% "expert"? Only one answered "hung like mountain lion, if mountain lions were 18 feet tall and three-quarters penis", and that was me. Just sayin', I cannot tell a lie.

Hit the jump for the rest of the moderately informative graphic.


The State Of The Internet [focus]

Thanks to Brettmucker, who's convinced this here series of tubulars is gonna catch on real big one day. You're f***ing crazy.

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Reader Comments

First! I think...

I love these things =3

damn missed it


I could have told you those statistics.

Also, 74% of the 74% of men that use the internet look at porn on a regular basis. FACT(ish)



Ha if you look under the percentages of laptop vs desktop computers you'll see that all the above information was taken from the Pew Research center


silly humans *roboflex*

This is lies, we all know there aren't any women on the internet.

4.8MBps aint that bad, come to Australia and check out our super shit connection... its probably in the kbps

XD PEW research labs.

pew pew! *hits fake rsearch lab on the head*

...somthing tells me that this lab also writes geekologie....

*internet penetration!*

That's it - I'm moving to Japan.

Scandinavia have the most penetration, true story (see graph).

Yeah, Australia's internet is SHIT.

Also, all girls are guys. All guys are undercover cops. It's the RULES, people.

Hasn't the internet penetrated South Korea the most? I mean... they have tons of internet addiction centers and free government-given wireless broadband. Thats some Double Penetration

wow japan's got some super connection!! on average 61mbps 61!! on average!!! they most have100mbps modems available!

Fuckn Japan with their super internet

we only have 4.8 because we are too lazy to want more. Or should I say we are too slow to interpret info faster than that. Just check our school rankings versus the rest of the world.

Americans are dumb as f#$%.

except you guys ofcourse.

Wait a second....Japan has the super internets and they're creating robots? James Cameron had it wrong! Skynet isn't an American creation. ITS THE FUCKING JAPS! Sorry. WWII flashback...

A lot of those percentages didn't add up....

Japan may have the highest Internet speed but what's the point?..CENSORED porn..

@13 and 8
I live in Australia and my internet speed is 54Mbps.

AJF 14

who are the 7% of 18-29 who dont use the internet?

I live in the US with 100 mbps! suckaaaaaassssss!

@23 People in Prison ( for Dino rape).
People w/disabilities (dreaming of Dino rape)

@wes the 7% are probably divided into Poor, Handicapped (blind), Incapacitated, Hospitalised, Imprisoned, Home Schooled, and Harry potter.

It's a little early for raping dinos right now, but if one of em walked by in the next few minutes....... mmmMmmph

First off... @20, no s***, right!?

Japan might have rediculus speeds but with they way broadband is broken up (specific amount of bandwith per "area" which is usually a few blocks or a sub-division) divided by the amount of people that live in that overpopulated ass block... I'm sure it's not that great.

"Source for all above stats:
PEW research centre's
Internet and american life project."

hehe... penetration..... just sayin

gooooooooooooood morning friday


I think you mis-understand the data; there's nothing to 'add up'. Each is an independant percentage, not a comparison. Unless one of them has over 100% or less than 0% then they all 'add up' just fine.

I wonder what the real statistics are. People pull this information out of their asses, there's no way to know al lot of this crap.

@33 the same way any population study is performed ...

You take X number of people, survey them, draw a statistic; at least they're not multipying to create a number, which although just as accurate, can be more misleading.

@20 Japan is not China.

I really dont get the internet penetration part? why the word usage? hmmmm????

Mainstream porn is censored in Japan. But online porn is harder to control.
Now you see why Japan has super-internet.

Where's the "percentage of on-line time devoted to porn" graphic?

come on gw no good news articles today. where's my fix?


.. it's not a dirty word, it just means to enter something. Like a penetrative desease, or in this case, the way in which the internet has 'entered', or penetrated countries. i.e. the country with the most penetration has the largest influx of the internet.

I think you guys have been reading too many sex ed books (or maybe not enough?)

well than how do you explain how i penetrated your mom last night?

@35 who said anything about china?
@40 on behalf of all of us, thank you for defining penetration. Until those wordsI'm sure everyone thought it only meant gay anal secks

I cannot fathom how fast 61mbps is

I feel like fighting today

AND making fun of twitter & it's iDiot followers.... who's in?

feel like fighting? how about this, robots rule, japan sucks, eating meat is wrong, , and drinking is immoral ....

@44 speaking of fighting......
A Teacher Formed Elementary School Fight Club


The first rule of elementry fight club is, you don't pee your pants, the second rule of elementary fight club is, YOU DON'T PEE YOUR PANTS...

@45 I'm going to get a cow drunk, ship him to Japan, kill him with a robot, then drink the alcohol laced bood and eat the meat (in a completely heterosexual way) all while smoking a bowl..... just sayin

Yes! Friday Fight! Fight! Fight!

49. And then sit around and meditate over your lego wallet...yeahh..

@41 oh stompy, that was me with a grey curly wig. get glasses. and call me again soon...

@48 Literally LOL

@STOMPY I have no problem with robots, you suck Japans' fat one, I love meat & nothing you say about drinking will bother me
@46 that sounds pretty retarded, what happened to teachers forming sex clubs?

@41 She was drunk and you were desperate?

@42 The person I was replying to indicated that Japan had internet censorship ... they don't.

Well ... no more than any other country anyway.

Wake Up GW!!

And only 1% of earths population have access to internet....

I really need to stop looking at the comments here, If I wanted to be in the company of pre-teen boys ... well, I'd be in prison.

@58 or Michael Jackson't Wonderland Ranch..... just sayin
Shhimona! HE-HE!!!

@hasabrain I know you were, I'm also familiar with pixelated pubes from Japan. I've never seen chinese porn because as I understand someone's always killed before the end. Where I come from (oh wait for it) cuum & blood don't mix (unless STOMPY is making cocktails & LSDiesel is thirsty)

Are you trying to be coy with me since our last argument over Apple iFucks & people in general? I'm just curious because my opinion hasn't changed

@58 yes you do.

On behalf of the rest of us, I must say that if we wanted shit from you about what you thought about the comments section we'd come by & squeeze that little head of yours

"We can sell blood and semen. What?! Not mixed together."
"You had me at blood and semen"

@61 so we'd squeeze the shit out of his head? is that because he has shit for brains? or because he is speaking like his colon has been sewn closed?

Hasabrain is a T.I.T.

Troll in Training


you think about pre teen boys often?
and btw, welcome to the interwebz, take off your rose coloured glasses and wipe ur ass and smell it (it stinks like the rest of our shit does).... since you are a dinosuar or someone who thinks they are too old to post, i've made a bucket list for you

1. touch yourself, don't worry, you won't go blind
2. touch someone else, ur mom doesn't count
3. do some blow off a dead hookers stomach
4. build an AI robot only so you can watch it die and ponder why it was created
5. drink a fifth and relax
and most importantly...
6. embrace anyonmity (and bad spelling) and act like the prick you probablly are, your mom ins't reading these post so cut loose.

@63 when you put it that way, I'm really not sure. Either way, it gets all over the floor & someone could slip and get hurt

@64 this makes my eyes happy.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dT8pdv0LVY&NR=1

GW must have gotten a new dino stuffed animal because he's still in bed.
POST already!

@68 he did over 10 minutes ago & he's barred from stuffed dino's because of animal cruelty laws, GET TO THE NOW

@67 reminds me of the skit on sesame street "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 doo do do do do do 12!"
just sayin

PEW Research center!!! PEW PEW PEW!

@ #8: it isn't 4.8MBps it's 4.8Mbps. That's different by a factor of 8

There's a flaming session if ever I've seen one..
turn up the heat!!! This is like the old school geekologie where a single post would subject you to a soul cleansing through a trial by fire.

Keep it harsh everyone : )

Oh yeah and get your bytes and baud right asshats

Must See!!!



Porn censored in Japan? Then how come they made so many AVs...

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