Feb 10 2010Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend Over Racy Pre-Loaded Text Messages On Cell Phone


A Canadian man was recently broken up with by his girlfriend after she found racy text messages on his cell phone. Only thing was, the messages come preloaded on every model of that phone. Ah, women. They're all batshit crazy.

The Winnipeg man is calling for the phones to be recalled, after his girlfriend of two and a half years dumped him after finding text messages saying 'Booty call,' 'Where u at,' and 'Be there soon' stored on his phone.

I said, "You're being ridiculous." She said, "No I'm not, here's the proof,"' he told the Free Press.He called Virgin Mobile to complain, and was told to file a written complaint. He also returned to the store where he bought the phone - where the staff were as surprised as he was to find the cheeky messages on the phone.

'At first, we didn't believe him,' shop assistant Mike Ford told the newspaper. 'But when we looked at a couple of the same phones he bought, and found they all had the same messages.'

Darren now wants the phones to be recalled and the messages removed, to prevent other from having 'to go through the hell I'm going through.'

Listen, I'm not saying this woman isn't a rocket surgeon, but don't those messages usually come in a folder marked 'Templates'? Granted, if I ever saw a text message on my significant other's cell phone that said "booty call", I'd be pissed too. I don't date people who talk like that!

Man dumped over mobile phone's pre-loaded sexy text messages [metro]

Thanks to Van, who once got dumped for calling 411.

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she just needed an excuse ASAP to break up. i bet he didnt give her enough booty call. pfft.

I like nuts.

I agree with George. Sounds like this girl is nothing but trouble. He's better off now.

Dear Darren,

the insecurity of that chick would've made you miserable. If she felt the need to dig through your text messages, and dumped you without a discussion, you're better off without her.

P.S. Next time, while the chick is in the shower, take her phone and change your name in her contacts. Then, send her a few VERY SUGGESTIVE texts and switch your contact info back to normal. Next time she's bitchin' just show her that you found very explicit messages coming from Huge McCawk that should calm her down.


Thanks GW, it's about time you started paying attention to Winnipeg, the gateway to the north. Or is it the windy city? Big apple? I can't remember.
Anyway, this is actually really embarrassing. I mean, for that chick. I really hope I don't know her.

Tiger should have told his wife them shits came on his phone rather than running over a fire hydrant.

I call bullshit on this. If the woman was THAT stupid, good riddance!

And how what she your whole life? She was just a girlfriend, dude, moveon.org!

What the fuck is that bitch doing looking on his phone in the first place? He's better off. Fucking insecure bitches ruin everything.

He's better off without her.
If she is that unreasonable he's saving himself a lot of unnecessary headaches.

OMG I'm also commenting because Winnipeg was mentioned. Crazy awesome.

I would think when it didn't show they were actually from anyone something would've clicked in her head....guesssss not.

This is pretty old actually GW... behind the times man..

Usually, when women do that is mostly because they already kinda wanted to break up with you, they just look for the first thing that comes up as a chance to break it up LOL. Just saying he might be better off single now :) she dumped him so quickly before he could explain i mean wutev.....

This woman sounds like a real See You Next Tuesday.

gooooooooooood riddance

dude got lucky he didnt marry this bitch

I have the same thing on my VM phone (Rumour 2).

@15. Catch U Next Tuesday is the correct term champ.

Yes yes but I can't be too direct about the word now, can I? It wouldn't be lady-like. Derp.

I call bullshit. As author said, they are in a folder called "Preset Messages". Either his gf was just fishing for any old excuse to break up, or she's a fucking idiot with trust issues, in which case he should break up with her anyway.

Lol! Women and their "brains"

Just because some of the people here haven't had girlfriends that dumb, doesn't mean they don't exist.


Seriously, one was the perfect girlfriend... but she needed about 30 more IQ points...

I've had 2 phones from virgin. They were different brands, but they both had those same preset messages. One was in a folder called preset messages and the other in quick messages. She's obviously retarded if you couldn't figure out that was not his inbox or sent messages.

^^I had a virgin phone too, and it came preloaded with those exact messages. I thought they were funny.

Bah, It's Winnipeg.
One less Winnipeg couple to pro-create and make other Winnipeggers.
It's a win for me!
That is until they find another
Ahhh sadface

Lol, I forgot where that "rocket surgeon" came from, but it made me laugh.


I actually had a different, but along the same line encounter with a VM Phone. My girlfriend would not talk to me when she discovered the preloaded, undeletable Strip Poker game on my phone

They're Canadian. Haven't you ever seen Trailer Park Boys? This will blow over in the next two seasons.

Nah, I think that she was just searching for a reason to leave him.
She can't be THAT stupid.. And if she is, well, I guess the guy just got lucky ;)

Maybe this explains the start of Tiger's situation.

Didded she has big bewbies?

Not only am I commenting because I live in Winnipeg, I'm also commenting because I know Mile Ford and work with him!

Girls have a tendency to be a lot more tech savvy with phones, especially texts. If this girl didn't understand then she at least owed you a "sit down and explain" talk. Otherwise, she was either stupid or looking for a way to break up with ya. Sorry, but you might be better off.........

@5 Not gonna work. The second you change the contact info back, it'll update the inbox.

Also, that chick is retarded.

I agree that she's prob retarded and to much drama. Don't Virgin phones display the time and date messages were sent? So if they were preset they shouldnt have a date and time right?

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