Feb 18 2010DO WANT: Adidas Darth Vader Track Jacket


We've all known about the line of Adidas Star Wars merchandise for awhile, but who knew they were gonna drop such a fresh Vader track jacket? Not me, and I know pretty much everything (I'm a college professor in every subject). The $100 abdomen candy even comes WITH A DETACHABLE CAPE AND BREAST PLATE! Unfortunately, you're gonna have to breath heavy on your own. Which shouldn't be a problem for you. Remember that time at the mall when the escalator was broken? You were wheezing.

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Darth Vader Track Jacket finds your lack of warmth... disturbing [dvice]

Thanks to Closet Nerd, whose nerdy closet is jam-packed with Vader track jackets. Plus Members Only ones. Jealous!

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Love it!

where's the helmet?

@3 If you weren't a guy I'd offer you a "Roman Helmet" to go with that jacket..... any ladies out there need a "Roman Helmet"? just askin

GW, i'll always love you in my own way, but i'm forced to point out to you a bit naggingly that the jacket is in the commerical video on the post you linked. so on SOME level, you should have already known. i hope this doesnt change things between us. xoxo

I love it <3

sorry... i'm still reeling over the SHARKTOPUS image off to the side. cool jacket though.




Throw in a Princess Leia Danish pastry hat and I'm sold.

i think this product line is really lame,..... who wants to look like dart vader while running??.....nerds don't run, they stay quietly in fron of the computer, and all you need for that is a snuggie...

Damnit stop making clothes that only extend down to a bellybutton.

Psh. Whats with this velcro blue and red breast plate? Kids toys.

My Marc Ecko Darth Vader jacket is way classier. Leather and fabric. Das all.

This is even lamer than the sneaker line.

bought last week from my store ;D

umm yeah....the cape is a little much...just sayin

Marc Ecko star wars collection is waaaay cooler IMHO.

you can buy these @ eastwestworldwide.com! along with the matching adidas sneakers!

hmmm running out of stories lately???that was already on your first adidas/starwarts posting....ooh into recycling? very eco friendly

So damn baller

While I have looked up to Adidas for a long while, I feel that lately as a business they have gone off the boil. Their design isn't what it used to be and in my experience, the quality of the goods is going south. It was tops, now they're simply the cheapest trainers.

Hmmmmmmmm…..i like it. It’s an awesome Darth Vader jacket with a better-quality leather and fabric. I have bought that jacket for my brother for the Halloween. http://mystarwarscostume.com/

Really cool

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