Feb 25 2010Class Rings Now Come With Gamer Option


Because gaming is everyone's favorite extracurricular activity, Jostens has decided to include a "gamer" option on their class rings. That's cool -- if you don't mind getting beat up by all the football players. Kidding, they game too! Don't you? Don't you, you stupid meatheads? Yes I still have a lot of repressed anger. *sniff* WHAT DO YOU MEAN BAND MEMBERS CAN'T SHOWER WITH THE FOOTBALL TEAM?!

Jostens High School Rings For Gamers & Geeks [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

first and Rtard !

Can you get a custom gamer cock ring too?

Geek pride? Geelologie pride yeah! (what a suck up.)

@1 http://de.acidcow.com/pics/20091211/gif_03.gif

Seems they'll do anything to make more money. The rings themselves are so ridiculously overpriced as it is that it's unbelievable. Who actually owns and values their high school class ring after graduation?

I never understood the point of class rings. Does anyone actually wear them? They look tacky.

I have a few other extracurricular activities besides gaming

He says: Because gaming is everyone's favorite extracurricular activity ...
He means: Because gaming is every virgin's favorite activity extracurricular activity ...

Although actually, gaming is every gamer's second favorite activity.

One of my extracurricular activities includes this

(except in the pants, if you know what I'm sayin)

What is a class ring for?

@9 Bert & Ernie need to lay off of the meth.....just sayin

Jocks are stupid.

@10, it shows you have class.

I got a crass ring instead.

What's stoopid?

of course the jocks play, someone's buying those Madden games right?

@13. That explains why I don't have one.

Class rings are so dumb, I got one and I wore it only for ma graduation. Money down the drain sorry mom and dad.

It should have had an R2D2 head for the top. Whassa matta with these guys?

I can't believe I got one of these in high school, but it seemed SOOOO important at the time.

DUUUUUDE where was this when I got my class ring?!? *fumes*

Ha! Where can I get one. Awesome.

@16, I'm sure y'r a classy broad.

Just slummin' here in Geek town.

@22 "Shut up Drugs..... You wouldn't know a classy broad if she took a dump on your face."
Sorry... just so rare that I get to use that quote from "Outside Providence"

@20, nice 'stash.
@21, you can't. You've proCRASStinated too long!

@23, and she does, every time I turn on the TV.

@25 do you use a glass table for a "Pittburgh Platter"?
(if you don't know what that is, I dare you to look it up on urban dictionary.... go ahead, i dare ya!).... just sayin

This is the second gross sexual maneuver I've learned from your comments, right behind the Roman helmet. It would seem you're either well-versed in such acts or read a LOT of urban dictionary, just saiyan.

@27 I just hear about them on the street.... ya know, like the "Dirty Sanchez" or the "Cleveland Steamer"

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle."

A Roman Helmet would be a GREAT game to play with my idea from comment #2..... just sayin

A Nintendo DS? Really? I didn't know elementary school kids got class rings. Actually that would be pretty BA seeing a bunch of children with Don size rings on. I said Don, not dong.

@28 I suppose your streets are much dirtier than mine. I've heard of the Dirty Sanchez and Cleveland Steamer, but you're working with some advanced techniques there. Ever had a Belgian Waffle? (I just made that up, but I can assure you it's got a double meaning over on urban dictionary)

I got this on my class ring!

Ah yes...I remember high school when everybody thought these things were just so cool. I laughed at them then. Everybody said I'd regret not getting one...but I had waaaay better things to spend that much money on. Nobody, and I mean like, nobody would be caught wearing these things more then like, a year at most after graduation. I never even wanted a letter jacket, also pointing out that they were a stupid waste of money, but my parents bought THAT for me since I had...of all things....letters in marching band and drama.

Didn't have the class ring, but did have the jacket. And even though we were "jocks" for playing football and hockey we still play our fair share of video games, oh and we hung out with the chess team. IN YOUR FACE STEREOTYPES!!!

@30 I like the sound of a "Belgium Waffle"... the description with the tennis racket.... not the laptop

wow, i never thought i'd say this on geekology..... i feel like a dork now. i'm 21 and i still wear my class ring, and my jacket when its cold out :(


I just got my class ring last year. I graduate in like 2 months, man! I mean, got mine from wal-Mart, but even so!!!!!

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