Feb 18 2010AWESOME: Atlas V Rocket Sonic Shockwave

NOTE: Best viewed at Youtube in 720p.

This is a video of the recent Atlas V liftoff and subsequent sonic boom. The cool thing though is you can actually see the shockwaves when the rocket goes supersonic. The whole thing is worth a watch, but the money shot starts at 1:50 (and is replayed a couple times after). Also, who thought the bird at 0:53 was definitely getting hit? I did, and I have incredible depth perception. Reminded me of Space-Bat. Which, dammit, I told myself I wouldn't cry. Stay strong, GW, stay strong. RWWWAAAAAAR!! *CRASH* Holy shit I just threw a bus. Of school children terrorists. Yeah, I'm a hero (give me a 10 minute head-start before notifying the school).


Thanks to Metallisteve, half file-sharing hating rock band, half Steven.

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Reader Comments

and BOOM goes the dynamite..........

Your screwed GW... that was a Lower Merion school bus, and school officials were monitoring you throw the school bus through one of the students laptops........ just sayin

damn that was sweet.

my farts make that same soundwave

waste of money, thank god i'm not paying for it

hang on, i am!!!!!!!!!!!

We can see the shockwave thanks of the clouds, that make a ref.

And that's totally cool indeed.

Considering he has the camera on a tripod he made an amazingly shit job of filming that.

I swear I heard the opening theme of Altered Beast at the end.

OH GOD NO!!! I didn't even know that the force field was already set up! OH GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! The governments of the world set it up to trap everyone as they leave a hopeless Earth.


....um.....that's all?

You just had to bring up Space Bat, didn't you GW?


i threw a cigarette butt in a pond once......pretty much the same effect

that was soo sweet... the rocket almost looked static at the beginning... then when it went supersonic, you realize just how fast its going...


it says Atlas V Rocket

so who wins??? is it Atlas? or Rocket? and why are they fighting?

i don't understnad!!!

this is making my brain hurt

i voted for palin and smell my own farts.

Yeah, uhm, that's a camera pointed downwards into the reflection of water, don't you see that? Sure those are neat shockwaves, but they're waves in a reflection.

Awesome effect, horrible videography.

calling bullshit on that!

What the hell was wrong with the retarded cameraman? Does ANYONE on Youtube know how to hold a fucking camera without trying to give me a headache? This Blair witch shit has to stop! Tripods are cheap as dirt. Stop giving every fuck with Parkinson's Disease a fucking camera.

@GW: I just enabled ad-blocking on this site due to a pop-over ad with noise.

Thanks for wasting my time.

The song at the end is: Good Day Sunshine from the The Beatles.

Just thougt you wanted to know.

how much more up can this guy pan? IT NEVER STOPPED


Thank you Atlas for giving us yet another peace-time preview of what we just might see nanoseconds before the air-burst melts us.

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