Jan 18 2010Xtractaurs Dinosaur Toys Sound Promising


Xtractaurs are a new line of dinosaur toys from Mattel that consist of a plastic model, and the capability to fight your dino against other kids' online in 'My Brute' style matches. Whee, My Brute!

The whole set includes a sampled dinosaur and an 'extraction gun'. When playing the toy, you firstly need to connect the gun to your computer and then use it to 'extract' the dinosaur's DNA. After that, the DNA data will be uploaded to the Xtractaurs website from the gun and you could then enter an online game in which the dinosaurs are having a fierce battle against their enemies.

And the best point is that kids are allowed to collect the DNA of different samples (about 10 of the 15 kinds of dinosaurs that are included) and combine them together to create a more powerful dinosaur.

Collecting and combining dinosaur DNA -- sounds like my kind of game! You ever milked a dinosaur before? They're like scaly bulls. And I'll pass on the extractor gun thank you very much.

Xtractaurs Dinosaur Toys [inewidea]

Thanks to Cobra and Ghostface, who agree I'll make a great patriarch for the new race of dino-people. Oh I will.

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Reader Comments

Is it just me or is this kid extracting DNA from the anal region of that dino? Cause thats what it fuggin looks like to me.

@1, I agree. Reminds me of the time I put my dog's balls in the vacuum cleaner.

oh hell yes, i gottta catch em all!!!

im not funny

neat idea, but probably sucky

Apparently also included is your own container of the T-Virus. Let the zombie apocalypse begin!


Looks like dino butt r4pe to me.

@5 Hells no, could you imagine how awesome it would be to make the ultimate T-Rex? That would be fun, especially as a kid, to absorb powers of other dinos and make the ultimate one. Mine would so pwn...I would add Pteradactyl flying powers to all mine :D

Where are the mybrute links commenters? I'm disappointed

Jesus, don't even give that My Brute ass-hole any ideas.

I actually feel like buying this....

Man kids toys are so much cooler these days, still at least their TV is worse to make up for it.

I am the shit! I just created this official geekologie brute, you guys should come and be my pupils so I can kick your asses every day.


And, by the way Lizzard, you read my mind. Stop it. Seriously. Before I have to get a restraining order.

wow... i thought there were definitely going to be more fake links to the my brute website. btw, if you want to see a review on this product with hacks, go to this link


i know it doesn't seem like a review link, but just trust me on this one.

This actually looks pretty neat. So is this just a concept or we going to be seening this in stores?

Creating "a more powerful dinosaur" was my entire purpose in life when I was 8. Of course I would have succeeded had it not been for Toys'R'us selling radically unsafe chemistry kits that kept me preoccupied from biology. I have no regrets, it was the early 80's; regulatory standards were not established and the stories about how my acid cocktails sizzled through carpet are priceless.

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