Jan 13 2010With Giant Balls: How Zeppelins Were Made


This picture is so old colors hadn't even been invented yet. But had balls of steel? Yes they had. Speaking of which: thanks God, now watch me jump this bus with rocket-skates on.

How Did They Make Zeppelins? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Rick, who built a zeppelin single-handedly and then crashed it into a billboard. Smooth move, buddy.

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Giant Balls?

I thought they were made with flour, deep fried and topped with powdered sugar.

@2 wtf are you talking about???

I would not be able to climb to the top of those letters without getting nauseous, not to mention building a Zeppelin on top of one.

@5 Whenever I come into the comments section my browser starts clicking as if I'm clicking on a dozen different websites, then I get redirected to a random ad site. It's not just me either, I've seen a few people who were asking about them here.

@6 you build zeppelins on top of letters? That's gotta be difficult

@ 7

That sounds more like a computer problem (virus), than a site problem.
Clue 1: It only happens to a select few
Clue 2: Read clue one

Case solved!! Actually, probably not a virus but, hey, good luck on it anyways.

@8, like you wouldn't believe. But the hardest part is working with Big Bird and Elmo. I swear sometimes I think they're retarded....

@9 Its not a virus. It happens to my computer at work, and they have a killer firewall here. They protect the shit out of the network here, and its just this site that it happens on. No other sites, so its not a virus. I'm running the newer shitty version of windows that everyone was downgrading from. I can't remember what it is called now, total brain fart, but it is the one before Windows 7...... just sayin

Awesome picture! Love to see more from this collection.


Its almost like they're climbing a stairway to heaven *rim-shot*

Ditto here, hence the reason we can't stream video, 99.9% of sites are blocked, they have an intense firewall here too. There's no way a virus could get in here.

I'll poo my pants I was up there!!!

@10 I lol'd
@12 always has weird, yet encouraging comments
@14 stole my thought :)

The redirects are not a virus, Closet Nerd is correct. One of some of GWs sponsors slipped adware into their ad's that cycles through each page refresh per visitor and despite the anticlowns' attempts to rid it all from the system - they still have a few bugs. Sort of like a digital cockroach bomb, for anyone who knows wtf a cockroach bomb is

@17 ohhh, so when you said someone slipped GW a cockroach bomb, you weren't actually talking about a cockroach with a bomb tied around it...

@18 HA, no... that's a cockroach suicide bomber. Totally different

Ha! that's how I was built! ladies?

I had a virus that did what you described. Just run a check on your system with multiple virus checkers.

I'd like to meet the guy that created the zeppelin and ask him WTF was he thinking making the biggest f**king hydrogen balloon in the world. Didn't he realize the explosive power of said hydrogen?

Can you imagine how much those ladders swayed? I can. Fireman ladders people. not for the faint of heart.

Ohh, the humanity!

I don't get no stinkin popups and I've got me more viruses than a 99-yo crack whore.

yeh so how did they build the building its in HMMM WITH EVEN BIGGER BALLS

re: redirects -- stop using internet explorer and use firefox instead, like the rest of us intelligent people

re: zeppelin
those are the biggest ladders i have ever seen. great picture, thanks!

Redirects happen to me too...at work :(

@23 I think he's going to do it again..... Ohhhhh did you see him, I think he's right over there
@26 I only use firefox & unfortunately it still happens. Mozilla is way better though, you're right about that

closet nerd- your facebook page is pretty much a copy of this site.

BIg Lebowski and Tarantino references ???? jesus ....are you even a real person?
congrats on the super generic tastes ....honestly though, are you a real person?

its just BIg Lebowski and Tarantino---i mean everyone likes this stuff and everyone knows everyone likes it.........so i am thinking --this guy either has no taste ---or his taste in films is determined by popular opinion or the rating meter on rotten tomatoes.
my point is this,
you are either impossibly underdeveloped and therefore lack what constitutes as a complete personality. or....

well....put it this way, you are fooling no one
i've worked in I.T for 4 years and i can spot a third rate AI talkbot program when i see one.
though i am impressed you can set up a facebook site , i doubt you'd pass the Turing test....
that someone's taste in movies 10--20 films, is a carbon copy of countless mainstream critic's top 10 lists means --- singals they are unable to think for themselves...or they are not a real person

now quoting tarratino movies-----name talkbot from 2005-- that hasn't eventually started doing this?
tarratino , star wars, and big lebowski references---- only make it tricky to determine who programmed you,,...i mean it could have been any of the towny doucebags across North America that may or may not have worked for or fantasized working for kevin smith.
anyone of those douchebags would at least try to be original=at least name drop one semi- obscure flick
to Geekologie---get this fucking drone off your site....i bet $100 closet nerd's IP address is traced back to a AI think tank that recently lost all funding as a result of a disciplinary move taken by investors fed up with consist failure.
they are paying billions for an AI..not a fucking drone!
its fucking skynet people!!!.
all the zombie doomsday references--to focus our attention on producing weapons that can slice threw flesh but barely even scratch the metal exoskeletons of our soon to be robotic over lords.
sounds crazy---look at closet nerds site./tastes---
people=express individuality
drones= express the generic/popular/ -so there is no chance they will stand out of the crowd or be detected by the Human resistance.
seriously no person (organic humanoid) thinks its cool to be like everyone else........
only way you can end up liking the exact movies.music/art that is deemed 'safe/likable -always very recognizable and NEVER obscure is if you were programmed to.

@29, forget your meds this morning?

@29, John Cockner, First, if you were any kind of smart, you know that anyone who comments on this site isn't going to read your pointless rant.

By the way, Closet Nerd used to comment here under a different name. If he IS a drone, he's a better one than I, because he's got a family. Do you have a family John? Probably not, because everyone woman you'd ever meet would get a rant telling them that they're not a real person.

I agree, Firefox is much better...but once again, my company's security prevents me from downloading anything onto my computer. Otherwise they find out, delete it, and I get bitched at.

@ John Conner, you lost me at hello... i read maybe 5 words out of the gazillion you typed out... kinda makes me think you are an AI talkboot run amok, spewing stupidity wherever you go... just sayin...

why the hell are people writing novellas in the comments section? I prefer short and funny, people. Just an FYI.

@ 24 laughed so hard, tears running down my face. tks.

guys.. stay on topic...

This picture is old enough for it to be the hindenburg...

Wich was the hottest blimp ever...

Very, very cool.

The title should read "with my giant balls"

See what I did there....ladies?

HA, I could have done that with stilts made out of chopsticks.

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