Jan 11 2010Who Knew?: Iron Man Is Powered By Apple!


Want a MacBook decal that makes it look like Iron Man is powered by Apple? Well you're in luck because Etsy seller moviemagicman is selling them! For $16! With free-ass shipping! Consider it a blue-light special! With no blue light! Or special! F*** it!

moviemagicman's Etsy Shop
Iron Man Decal Powered by Apple Arc Reactor [gizmodo]

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You are one slow news source

It probably only has 1 button anyways.

Gaaah! All of my doubts have now washed away!

pretty cooooooo

Let's hope Tony Stark knows about the buffer overflow exploit and has patched his energy core...


And by that I mean fifth of Jack Daniels!!

screw you dani...delete your post


Kevin Bacon has the best last name.

Heh Heh! I always knew that godd*mn Stark was a pussy boy sell-out. Good thing I run on PC.

Iron man cant be powered by apple...he isnt a hipster douche bag. Though he does love everything he creates and thinks its perfect.

have any of you tried toddler meat ? can some one respond to me? why is there a platypus under my bed? UNANSWERED QUESTION TIME! who delivers the mailman's mail if there is only one mailman...HA

I knew.

He's been powered by apple. Go look at the logo, on his desk monitors, in the work area, in his house.

Pffft. Tony Stark puts Apple to shame ;)

Just teasing, it is pretty cool.

GW, you do realize that due to this thread, the seller has had over 550 sales in less than 24 hrs. That is a total revenue of about $9000. Holy crap, go get your commission, lolz!

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Happy New Year!

@15 - more like:

Pffft. Apple puts Tony Stark to shame.

@ 18

Even though Tony Stark is an alcoholic, sellout he still puts Apple to shame. Of course all superheros put reality to shame so there really isn't a problem here.


Who want buy shoe?

The suit is the latest high tech gear that wasn't built on other people's ideas. So it's obviously not an Apple product.

Now if it was built with yesterdays hardware and another companie's ideas, then yeah I would believe it's an Apple product.

@22 what are you talking about? Apple didn't steal ideas from creative. Wait, did I say creative? Oh no...

pfft. Everyone knows Stark is a linuxfag.

I think you missed one the best one of them all!!


The triforce lights up!

welp. that's fucking gay.


I.E. Iron man is powered by a paid version of an over GUI'ed Unix.

Yeah... I use Linux.

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