Jan 18 2010Video Game Wars: The Informational Graphic


This is a little informational graphic about the different video game consoles. I didn't really bother looking at it for too long because there's a dog biting my leg but I'm sure it's chock-full of interesting facts and figures. Like, uh, women using their WiiMotes to pleasure themselves. I ALWAYS KNEW THEY WERE DOING THAT!
....Made you sniff! Sicko.

Video Games By The Numbers [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Dan, who's a walking encyclopedia.

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win... and somewhere near the top

I like it. It's all about the N64 though.

Thank god for GW saying what we were all thinking.

*sniff* *sniff*.... smells like butterscotch..... just sayin

They need to list more than just the top 5 games, seeing as how Wii sports gets in for selling 65 million wiis, and super mario & duck hunt came with the NES system, no shit they're gonna be the highest sold games..... just sayin

I have a PS2, 'cause I can't afford anything newer.

sad how pc gamers and games are dying away

When did I get into this survey? Maybe when my XBOX DIED TWICE!

wait, 80% of wii gamers are female, and 41% are male? The poll is out of 121%?

HAHA IM Back Bitchez.


Dumbass needs to take a graph readin class.... or quit suckin on dog ballz.

Huh! All the age stats were pretty interesting! Oh and Yahoo! was wrong! Mario has to be the the world's most recognized game character with those sales. Dunno if anyone read that article but they said it was Pacman. *pssshhh*
@10 Dude seriously???? Bitch, you better stay in school.

I do not count Wii Sports as the best selling video game. It cant be a best seller if it comes pre packaged with every console.

also, super mario bros. was a SNES game.

mario bros. came bundled with the NES.

No "lolz", Mario Bros. was an arcade game featuring slipice, sidesteppers, and fighter flies. It had a limited release on the atari and NES.
Super Mario Bros, was a different game and was a side scrolling platformer; it came bundled with the NES. Super Mario World was what came bundled with the SNES.

bahahahaha did you get your bowl of stumble on this morning?

Advertisment for nintendo much

I bet at times like this you wish you’d spent less time picking your nose and drooling in math class.

@8, people have been saying that since the PS1 was launched.

23% for xbox? I CALL BULLSHIT. I've owned 2 myself that failed within the first 6 months. Everyone I know has had one that failed. How about 85%??? That sound more likely?

Hey GW you should download stumble for Fire Fox.

How can Super Mario Bros be #2 and Duck Hunt be #5 when they were in the same game?!?

um... yea the best selling franchise is madden, over 500 million units sold. all the girls i know don't play wii, unless you count moms or a 4 year old girl(not gamers). 360 fail is 45% and this chart is outdated as ps3 slim has sold more than 5x the original ps3. also M rated games sell more than most other ratings. this chart is what nintendo fanboys play with their "wii" to. AND DUCK HUNT CAME FOR FREE WITH MOST NES!

#6 says it all

also... @ 11, dont confuse this kid anymore, there are no graph reading classes. hes having a hard enough time as it is

wow i just realized that everyones giving #10 shit. i kinda feel bad now. wtf am i thinking? no one reads past 13 anyway. dont mind me. just talking to myself over here. ..

This is kind of strange looking isnt it? wii sports is a bundled game, as are most of the top 5. And tetris isnt a game, its bordem. In Europe at least I know the xbox fail rate is 36% and has been getting worse,
there, 54.5% versus 10% and 6.4%. The wii doesnt really count because it breaks the TV before you can break the console.
And where the hell do they get the new gamer statistics from? anyway the 360 fails because 90% of its users are squeaky 12 year olds with headsets. And the wii doesnt have headsets, thankfully.

Wii console sales for U.S. are wrong, the figures shown are for Americas (population 900 million), not just the U.S. (population 300 million).



Pokemon red/green/blue? That's cheating, surely.

I've got a PS3, two Xbox 360s (but one's bust, god damn graphics card) and a Wii, and I never play the Wii. It had a very limited supply of good games, and few of those had replay value. Mariokart Wii, Galaxy, new Mario Bros, SSB brawl, House of the dead 2 + 3, Guilty Gear XX accent core. I don't know. Not many.

@26 guess again, weirdo. I'm always watching.

@20 Where is the information on this chart coming from, do you think? Maybe it is only counted when it's sent back to microsoft? Hmm? Or maybe they have spy cameras in your room to see if your Xbox is still working, so they can tally it and put it in a chart. Yeesh.

@28 how many Americas are there? Now I'm expecting to see three Americas side by side, between the Atlantic and Japan, any time I look at an atlas.

It's official, the Wii was created for chicks....and the X-box for men. And apparently this comment was created for fellow misogynists.

Pretty interesting... Though the stat of the PS2 being the number one sold system is completely wrong. The number one system used to be the Sega Genesis, until the Nintendo Wii took the market world wide. Fail.

What, no love for the Vectrex? Weak.

This is pretty much just a chart of statistics that are readily available from the ESRB. I wrote my junior thesis on video games, so none of these were really surprising to me.

@30 you say "used to be" which means it is NO LONGER the #1 sold gaming system.

And the reason Mario & Duck Hunt aren't at the same numbers is because duck hunt wasn't always bundled with mario. That happened later...... just sayin

Pat where did you get the failure rate on the PS3? Seems that is way different then the rate we see at Sony....

I like my Wii for the all the older games you can buy on it. I have all the SNES Donkey Kongs, Old Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask, Star Forx 64, all the good classics.


I like your wii for other reasons....

My Xbox just about made it two years, but it's a rrod statistic now. This chart must be outdated.

The failure rate for gaybox 360 is a lot higher than that. Makes me doubt the entire poster.

Who is this Over 50 demographic? What are the playing? Scrabble online?

Forget video games, you should see Agent Jack Bowser hunt down the Underwear Bomber (hilarious!):


@21 you got sources to back up your claims to the overall sale of the slim. And hell to you have a source to your m rated claim. (although with the games out today thats probably true for the PS3 and 360)

It's not saying that "80% of wii gamers are female and 41% are male," it's saying that 80% of female gamers and 41% of male gamers primarily use the wii.
If you were to add the other systems in the way you did, that'd make the PS3 conducted out of 30% and the 360 out of 49%, which also doesn't make sense. This is not how pie charts work.






Leave me out of your insults.
Apart from that, you make sense.

Pokemon red/green/blue?

Please correct me if I'm wrong or misinformed but I am almost sure there wasnt a Pokemon green until 2004. in which case it shouldnt be in the same catagory as Red and Blue? Idk

@40 it was in the new york times and a post on ign for the ps3 slim. M rated games sell more units then T and AO regularly, just go to any store (except walmart) and see the huge difference between the quantities of ratings. also greatest hits/platinum hits are almost always M, look it up.

@44 are you thinking of leaf green and fire red? they were remakes of blue and red for the GBA :) xx

Contact my office immediately. You have cases pending against you. Ignoring this matter will further damage your situation.

Thanks to Wii for it has increased the female gamers, I almost believe that it was created for chicks. LOL...By the way, can we know that source of this statistics and how did they arrive with this? Thanks.


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I play my ps2, 360,ps3 and ds more then my wii

dbz 3 on the wii is so fun btw

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