Jan 11 2010Sweet (Literally!): Van Gogh Starry Night Cake


The great thing about making a Van Gogh cake is you don't have to be particularly skilled in the art of cake-decorating. Kidding, that shit looks impossible. Impossibly delicious. I call a star piece! Mmmm -- there's no ear in this, right?

Fan of Van Gogh? [forgetfoo]

Thanks to Christian, who once found a Band-Aid in an eclair.

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good to have you back, GW

wheres a cake shaped like a cut-off ear?

That does look pretty awesome.

I'd eat that!

Very well done

trippy delicious mMmmm

Ooh, that is so beautiful.

It's really nice to see you back again GW. I was getting worried :(

There's actually 3 Van Gogh paintings depicted in that cake

The girl who made this cake... who seems to go uncredited here. Her name is Megan, you can see more of her sweetly baked goods here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/megpi/

@Reidly - indeed. I guess Van Gogh Starry Haystack Lilly Cake (guessing on the water lillies) didn't sound as good.

I'd totally eat that cake.

Awesome work!

Yum ... and pretty ... gives me unconventional ideas for a wedding cake!!!!

Dessert WIN!

Wow. I knew there was a reason I checked geekologie.

.......Why does this look so delicious, and why hasn't anyone thought to do this before?!?

That looks like some weird alien humanoid form


Only the top is Van Gogh, the bottom two are Monet.

i worked at the bakery where this cake was displayed! it's called Susie Cakes on san vicente in brentwood. and not to bum anybody out, but while it's real frosting, the "cake" is styrofoam. every couple of weeks they scrape it off and do something new to show off the decorators' talents.

I once saw this painting while eating chocolate cake. The museum police didn't really like this but the cake was great!


I think this is actually the best thing I have ever seen

I have a cupcake book where they have done that but in smaller more eatable sizes.

I love it! I am a novice cake decorator and I want to try it! Great job!

wow, I wonder whether it's edible xD

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