Jan 19 2010Shred Stick Of The Future: Misa Digital Guitar

Because music is dead and so are the guinea pigs I had as a child, here's a little demo of the Misa Digital Guitar. No, not Miso. That's a Japanese seasoning, silly! And, not to flex my tubular internet muscles or anything, but I can eat a ball of wasabi the size of a large marble without crying or making a funny face.

misa digital guitar running linux kernel 2.6.31.

very fun and mesmerizing to play.

PLEASE NOTE: that "crackling" some people are pointing out is an effect, like a bit crusher effect. It was done on purpose to show how the location of your touch effects the sound. You can apply any control parameter you want to each axis of the touch screen. This instrument is not limited to one type of effect. I personally like the sound, but it is subjective like all music is.

It's actually a pretty cool guitar and if I had any coordination whatsoever I'd be tempted to buy one. But as I stand, WHOA!! *thud*. See, what'd I tell ya?

Official Site

Thanks to The F'n Jem'Hadar, Andrew, skulley and Martin, who are getting the band back together. And P05TMAN, who always damages my packages.

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Reader Comments

Video games have killed the radio star.

Speaking of coordination..... I think my son must of been concieved when I was WASTED because that kid has no sense of balance/coordination 'what so ever'!!!!!

If you think this is the future you need to check out the Eigenharp! Seriously youtube that ish. Like right now. I don't see you opening up youtube! DO IT!

"Guitar Hero" was the first step. Then came "Rock Band". Now, the finally nail in the coffin of modern music making. What ever happened to the days when a kid picked up a guitar and played it until his fingers bled just to get laid??

Oh well, at least we won't have to suffer anymore "Hansons" or "Jonas Brothers"...

Check out Agent Jack Bowser as he attempts to hunt down the Underwear Bomber (hilarious!):


In fact here watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXrWK0D-Dpk Then watch the James bond theme song be played on it. B'dass!

music isnt dead 8( emancipators new cd just came out today, which you can listen to here http://emancipator.bandcamp.com/


Here is to hoping Motown comes back!!!!!
Go Mayer Hawthorne!!!!!!!!

Funny how the voice doesn't seem to fit the person.... kinda like Mike Tyson..... just sayin

@3 I agreed with you up to the point where you used the word "ish", probably the most retarded word for shit. And only equally mentally retarded children use it.

But the Eigenharp is really cool though, they had it on Attack of the Show, but I didn't see it on there, I youtubed it...I was too busy wanking and looking at Olivia :D

I was gonna come on here and note that this was a poor man's eigenharp, but it seems that's already been taken care of. So why am I still commenting? That's none of your business.

Only the size of a large marble, GW? That's not really something to brag about, unless it's one of those marbles that has about the circumference of a half dollar.

pretty badass.... as an electronic music producer, I could definitely have fun with those sounds after loading them into ableton... nice!

so whats the cost of one of these things

I guess $2k on or about

I bet walmart will sell them for $38 in no less than 6 years

That shit is fan fucken tastic....Bye bye broken strings :)

That was fucking awesome, and I don't care who knows.

@12 I just became a daddy this weekend, I feel like I'm waling in your shoes from last summer

Pretty awesome, I was wondering how long it was gonna take for a good "touch" midi guitar, since we already have had a bunch of other electrical synthesizer from drum pads, to tap pads etc.

@1 and @4, music, old and new, is still music, so it shouldn't matter, I still enjoy listening to Jazz, like from the depression era, good music is good music, and the way it's produced is from the soul, heart, and mind, not just machines.

The tip contributors are making a band, and it will be called The FASMs. For their initialls.

@ naas, congratulations!!!!

@16 have you ever heard Madlib's "Shades of Blue"?

Got to get meniscus j one.

rad to the power of sic? looks like a instrument from the future, sounds good 2

DO WANT label is missing.

Also... DO WANT!!!

Wow this misa digital guitar looks really amazing and now I am very much interested in it as I like to play Guitar.I think I should get this soon.Thank you very much for showing us this video.

Sounds as bad as the audio on NES games.

Electronic instruments?
Is the 80's coming back?

Hahaha this novelty toy is no competition for guitar, it doesn't even come close. The guitar is much more suited to analogue than digital, why is there a need to make it digital.

The main problem that I see with this is simple and yet it would be so difficult to remedy. It would appear as though on this instrument you are only capable of playing chords. This would pose quite a dilemma if you were to say play '50's era music, wherein a lot of chords are arpeggiated (basically the single notes of chords are played one at a time instead of all together) Furthermore, with a conventional analog guitar through various picking styles different techniques can be demonstrated in order to ensue panty-dropping effects such as legatos (basically the "van halen" technique) sweep picking, pinch harmonics and false harmonics as well as natural harmonics. Although, I will earnestly admit that being a guitar player for over half of my life I would still gladly trade any one of my axes for this magnificent piece of equipment.

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