Jan 15 2010Prono: The Numbers Behind The Perversion


This is a little info-graphic explaining some of the numbers behind the pron industry. I say pron instead of p0rn0 in case your company is big-brothering you (God, how can you even function in such an oppressive environment?). No need to thank me, I know you'd do the same for me. Oooor call my boss and try to get me fired. I swear, you are such a jerk. Anywho, what did you take away from the graphic -- anything? Wow, that you can successfully pleasure yourself to the pink silhouette of a woman's figure. You go, champ. And why do I get the feeling that's not even an all time low?

The Numbers Behind Pornography [asylum]

Thanks to Christopher and sc, who didn't even know there was pronographic material on the internet. Me neither.

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I learn all my life lessons from you, GW...

I love the scene in Family Guy when Quagmire discovers pornography on the internet..... just sayin

Haha PRONO.. sweet typo in the title there...

funny. I just finished my 15 minute session before getting on here. Priorities are a must have.

best thing to happen to porn in a loooooooooong time
Now you can preview a freakin $60 movie before you buy it..... I mean I've heard porno dvds can cost up to $60..... just sayin

Hey, that's a hot little pink silhouette!

...oh wow, there's one in the middle too. I'm gonna need another 15 minutes.

@6 AND it has a 'target' for your fap fap fap PEW PEW

@ # 5

You PAY for porn? What kind of internet user are you?

what the hell!
i get no credit for submitting this?!
i sent it in like a week ago!

@8 Internet porn is free.... dvds with pretty pron stars, you have to pay for.

Wow. South Korea really really likes their porn. I mean Japan has an image of being crazy porn fiends and giant perverts, and China has the raw number of people, but South Korea is a huge surprise.

Most of Europe must just still goes for the whole magazine thing. They should get with the times!

I worry more about my kids seeing so many forms of violence on the net than them seeing porn.

@10 u must not use torrents

Don't forget ot bring a towel!

Is is just me or is the saying "Just Sayin" over used and extremely freaking annoying now??

I want to punch a kitten in the face when I read it...

You must have punched quite a few kittens by now, or just one severely retarded kitten... either way, good job!

just sayin...

@13 no i don't.
If i like someone's music enough, i'll pay for it.
and i don't want to risk downloading a virus or contaminated files through a torrent.... plus the computer i use is on loan from my wife's school.
don't get me wrong, porn is great, and I love it, but i don't nearly need it as much now, as i did when i was younger..... just sayin

I thought GM sold its share of DirecTV, so it's no longer a pornmonger. (Heh, I rhymed.)

What are you some kid in a basement? Does your mother know what you are up to? This is serious business mister, I'm talking about a class action law suit. Your mother wont be happy. I suggest you stop this immediately, contact my office and lets get this mess cleared up before it goes to the courts.

did that silhouette come from the fleshlight page?

Yay, I'm 1 out of 3!

@20 Are you trying to be David Thorn? 0

@ 23

No, he's just some random guy who has it out for the real Ken Goldstein, hoping people harass him....so basically a douchebag.

I always have a 15min session! :3

I am pretty grossed out by the whole "Gay 4 Pay" thing.

But what about written porn slash erotica? I prefer that. :c (Okay, fine, I like specialized porn *cough cough* and I'm way too lazy/cheap to first locate it and then pay for it. Otherwise, I'd be all over that like bees on an Animal Crossing character. And yes, no, I don't play real video games and I'm stupid and lame and blar blar blar. Now you guys won't have to say it!)

I enjoy the graphic, though! Were it a poster, I'd buy one, surreptitiously place it somewhere above my brother's computer monitor, and shame him silently. Mostly because I'm a big hypocrite. But hey, I hear purgatory's a nice place this time of the year!

"43% of all internet users view pornographic material"?

yeah, and 57% are LIARS

what? there's free pron on the internets? what the fuck am i doing on Geekologie?

That yellow circle is pretty damn sexy!

You spelled "Porno" wrong. You spelled it "Prono"

I should know. I'm in the business http://www.grabyourmonster.com

R.I.P Ron Jeremy.

Goodnight sweet prince.

@34 'Of course I know how to spell, I'm in porn.'

@15 Do it, video it, post a .jif when firstards are themselves. Alternatively, get a doberman, cover the cat in meat, video it, post a .jif when firstards are themselves. Just sayin...

@20 HEY KEN! HOW'S IT GOING BUDDY! Wanna come 'round my house tonight? I can do you this time. I'll be soft.

I knew I was in the right business :)

an interesting read...haha!

@35 He's not dead

@39, that's the point.

You spelled it "Prono"

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