Jan 7 2010Photoshop: How To Turn Yourself Into A Na'vi


This is a picture of Peter Ammentorp as a Na'vi. He made the transformation using Photoshop (I still prefer makeup). As you can see, he did a pretty good job. Don't get me wrong, I'd still bow and arrow the shit out of him and then try syncing with his dead body, but....I can't believe I just typed that. But you read it. You're the real sicko here.

Hit the jump for a video of the Na'vi-ing in action.

Want your own avatar? This guy turned himself into one [dvice]

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Oh great, its snot real...now i'm depressed.


Agree with #2.

I'd love to bow and arrow my cock on to his face and see what a few manly marks of my man chowder would look like on that pretty blue cat face of his.

People are taking this Pandora or whatever the fuck this movie is WAAAY to serious. I'll wait until it comes to FOX.

that just sparked the embers of my depression.... better go back to the comfort of that support group that has been so kind to me... and almos t free of charge, i am just paying the lawyer to get the documentation finished to donate all my properties to the "lets make Pandora Real" foundation...

and yes, and by all my properties i do mean the cardboard box i shit in, that should keep them going for a couple of months...

@1 & @5, depressingly funny, both of youse.

I think I liked that fat girls version better XD at least it was entertaining.

I found this step-by-step tutorial to be very thorough and educational. Navi is my son's favorite color! He's in the Coast Guard.

Please god (and by god i mean GW), do we really need an Avatar link every day?

The movie was good, but it doesn't warrant this fanaticism that's developing...

@Goss Jerk does Pandora depression give you the blues? HA see how I did that? Get it..... the blues?

That guy is incredibly hot for about two seconds before he starts photoshopping :|

WTF MAN I don't give a shiet about Avatar. Can we just get over this horrible horrible phase already!?

WHY does this not remind ANYONE of smurfs?!?!?!

I haven't seen a single damn smurf reference yet.

call me butter, because I'm starting a revolution.

@14 ... The smurfs reference were in the original post avatar depression post....

I thing the Eyes are to small :(

I love the fact that he is good with photoshop but too lazy to make the eyes himself and just takes it from the movie. :P

@1 it's okay we're all here for you.

You know, "Avatar" was a solid movie and all, but people are bringing its mythos to "Star Wars" proportions.

Dude looks like a Na'Vi to begin with. All he did was make himself blue.

I think at this point it's just to get a rise out of the people who bitch about it :)

I still have yet to see anyone get the eyes right. Momos. Pay attention to details you Ava-tards!

Ewwwwwwwww...... yuck.


Too scary to be true..

i want to find a tutorial for that for my PS class so we have something to do

Everyone would look better Navi. Even fat people.

trRDA Are you really back at it?
If your gonna impersonate someone, do it right.


what ever happened to daisy?

@29 i guess that Daisy finally finished the movie "Never Back Down" so she/he can't make anymore comments on anything. I do miss Daisy though. But i hate the poser daisy that shows up every once in a while.

Daisy!!!!! I just miss her so much :'(

@29 Daisy needs YOUR love to exist
@30 no shit man, amen
@31 so do I Robot, so do I.....

step 1, get a pickture of you that acutally looks good

Well, I try it myself. Just to prof that not everyone looks better as a Na'vi.


Suck on that The Realisticker! : D


Ohmygod. I.. I need a tut on how to do this!! ;w;

That's awsome. Better then the real one....

@spork: U have photoshop? Because well the tech to do it is not all that complicate. Only a few adjustment layers of color, and a tree or four of different tones of blue with different blending modes. And that's it. The real deal are the eyes, and those you take it from a photo of a Na'vi from the movie! :P

Btw, I work a little more on my Na'vi http://gagzu.deviantart.com/art/Gagz-go-Na-vi-149614192 :D

1.) Buy tin of blue paint.

2.) Headbutt tin of blue paint, breaking nose and covering face with paint in process.

3.) Break open blue glowstick.

4.) Flick glowstick at face.

5.) Braid hair, tie still living squid to it.

6.) Attempt to insert squid into a horse.

7.) Arrested.

Gosh me and my fanaticism. When I'm bored friday night I'll have somethign to do.

Did anyone else notice in the film, that none of the blue cats had huge boobs?

next step: Na'vi plastic surgeries!

I really don't understand all that people willing to get into a box and stay there forever, but sure i'd help.

@ 27 ... actually, post 6 was me (GoSS Jerk) it's the punchline to post 5, i guess the regulars will recognize it as 100% GoSS Jerk... don't want RDA to take credit for that one...

hrm...I wonder if there's a tutorial for adding hawt muttonchops? If so, gimmi those links! gimmi gimmi gimmi


Stacy - I know, right? I'd hit it, blue makeup and all.

Easier method to achieve same results - Transmogrifier Gun (pew pew pew)

Honest mistake.


This is nothing, check out:

No video, but it does show the original photo.

I just blu myself.

Great work on the photoshop experts design. But holy shit, this is going a lil over the top. First the greatest movie of the year, starting off the new year; then the post depression; then a hot-line; now this (to cope with the depression?); what next?

I won't be surprised if tomorrow, I step outside the comfort of my house to find a mob of blue Na'vi standing in small clusters around the city with bows and arrows, hunting the dear and rabbits.

I thought that was a pretty easy thing to do...so check out my Twitter layout, me, as a Na'vi!!

Must See!!!


i found this site with a Avatar Photoshop Tutorial were you will learn how to transform yourself into a Na'vi Avatar http://bit.ly/ps-avatar

this is cool!

but if you cant do it, someone on ebay is doing them for really cheap!


Phhht, someone's charging money for that? I'd do it for free out of sheer spite. Also because I want to practice photomanipulation and it'll keep me from getting bored. Any volunteers? ;)

Alright, time to jump on this Avatar bandwagon. I made one. :)


Shorter link :)
Or click on the name link for my website.

I have a similarly styled Photoshop time lapse capture at
although it is not Avatar related

TUTORIAL: http://photoshop-tutorials-tips.webs.com/tutorialsfull.htm

a bit fast hor?

This tutorial was made to help step you through the process of making a Na’vi from the AVATAR movie.



The only dumb thing about Avatar is how so many highbrow critics just don’t seem to get it. The comments and negativity is just so ridiculous, it’s almost amusing. Before the film’s release, many expected (unable to hide the glee in their scribblings) it to fail miserably because of the huge box office takings needed for the movie to reach break even point. They also chirped that while it may be technically impressive, the audience wouldn’t feel for the characters etc. etc. Well, they look pretty dumb now that it’s passed the $2bn mark and that so many people have been emotionally affected by the film. They might try to twist things now, making it out that it was always going to be such a big hit, but the truth is they didn’t see it coming, even the cinemas themselves didn’t see it coming and, backing my claim, it didn’t even have an amazing start: first week’s takings in the US were only half that of The Dark Knight.

Also, what really pissed me off is how these critics seem to seem unable to tell the difference in quality between Avatar and something else with a big budget with great effects like Transformers 2 which actually is pure garbage, with horrific direction. To band them all together shows they know nothing of the action genre, certainly of the modern action movie. Cameron is simply the best and most meticulous action movie director in the industry.

I’ve read so many articles explaining how it’s success is down to it being 3D, citing the fact that 3D sales are higher than those of regular screenings. Well, it’s easy to say that when you have the actual figures in front of you, but how do you know it wouldn’t still beat Titanic’s box office record if it was just a 2D movie? There’s nothing to disprove that if the movie was 2D-only, it would still take 90% or more of what it has actually taken. People are going to see an impressive movie, and they’re electing to see it in it’s most impressive format. Besides, the 3D effect just enhances what is already arguably the most visually impressive film ever made. In the same way, critics have said that the movie wouldn’t have done anywhere near as well if it was just live action rather than being computer generated. Again, how do you know? Other Cameron films have been visually stunning without loads of CGI. It’s not down to being CGI, it’s that the CGI is so well done, so natural. The fact is that no matter how it was made, with Cameron directing and producing the movie, it was always going to be visually stunning.

So it doesn’t have the best, most original plot. So it doesn’t have the best dialogue. I think we all knew that before entering the cinema. Any movie with a $300m-odd production budget isn’t going to be the most character-driven, dialogue-heavy film. But it’s incredible on so many levels and it does reach the audience in a way that many supposedly more thought-provoking films do not. There’s nothing dumb about Avatar, it’s just critics of the movie who are dumb.

As for anyone who stubbornly won’t see the movie because they’re so ‘above’ the action genre and blindly agree with the negative critics, all I can say is that by sticking to your prejudiced, condescending, snobbish artistic high ground, you’re missing out on what may be the best, most immersive cinematic, and yes, artistic, experience ever. When Alice In Wonderland comes out and replaces Avatar on the IMAX screens due to previous binding agreements, you may have missed your chance. Bravo.

hey if i gav you a picture of me could you mak me an avatar??

@66 totally totally agree with you :DD

@38 that made me laugh so much, i wanna try and put a squid in my hair now XD lol


That was sweet! I think the Avatar geek is going to be the new Star Wars geek. Yep, Pandora-themed weddings and character conventions are certainly on the horizon!

@Maxwell, bravo! Well said. I had lost hope for the action genre before I saw this movie. You should repost this, like, everywhere. lol

Wow thats awesome that this guy was able to do this! Love the movie and I hope people don't start taking the movie too seriously and start doing things in real life to make Avatar look stupid.

great fact all the computer generated footage,effects etc were put together in a small country in the south pacific called new zealand
not bad eh nz ftw

that was kinda neat. music was nice too.

I've also made my Na'vi:


Hey great job, forget the griefers, their mad because they cant dedicate themselves to anything other criticism. Keep up the good work, and dont be afraid to explorer your artistic nature.

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Wow, I'd like to learn that!

that cool

how can i download the avatar tone that you have inserted on your vedio?
please reply

i wanted to turn myself into an avatar that sucked im not that smart

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