Jan 5 2010Olivia Munn As A Na'vi Looks Like LOTR Orc

I'm sure many of you will never forgive me for comparing Olivia Munn to an orc, but I honestly don't care because I have convictions, damnit. Mostly for traffic violations, but there's an arson one too. Street cred! Anyway, this is a movie trailer for 'Thelma and Loise II: Avatars of Pandora'. It wasn't particularly funny, but it was well made, like products from the 50's. Boy I tell ya what -- they sure don't make 'em like they used to, do they? They don't.

Thelma and Loise II: Avatars of Pandora [hulu]

Thanks to Shmitty, who has absolutely no interest in having sex with blue cats. OR SO HE SAYS.

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Tink I am firrst, but dont care FUCKERSSSSSS

That movie is WAYYYYY over rated

haven't seen it. dont want to.

Here ya go.... Olivia Munn Jiggle FTMFW!!!!!

Don't post avatar crap anymore... Because the movie is not worth it.

I liked the original better. You know, FERNGULLY!

Exactly. No more Avatar crap.

She totally does look like an orc. And also vaguely ferengi.

Bad combination.

Also: Never realized that Orcs look vaguely like Ferengis until this moment.


Even with blue skin Olivia Munn gets me to pitch a Mushroom Tent in my drawers...... just sayin

This movie is not Fern Gully. It is Dances With Wolves in space. Ironically, there was a Robin Hood trailer prior to the movie. Everywhere I turn, people are just trying to top Costner. It's not gonna happen.

Hmmm, Olivia Munn is still not hot. I wonder what the next tactic will be...

I have to agree, i'm tired of hearing about Avatar.

@6, 8 - Obviously there's going to be a lot of news about Avatar and its fandom on a site called Geekologie.

Avatar was NOT Dances with Wolves in outer space. It was Pocahontas... in outer space. It is also seriously overrated.

That said, I'd still lick the shit off of the underside of Na'vi-Munn's tail, even looking like an orc from LOTR(which she totally does).

She is just so fcking hot.

If Olivia Munn looks like an orc, then I guess I'm an orc fucker.

Seeing this made me want to hang myself.

I guess one of your convictions is that you will continue to look like a dumbass by spelling dammit incorrectly from now until the end of time.

@17 Me too.........
but more in a "David Carradine Autoerotic Asphyxiation" kind of way......
just sayin

And the spoofing begins. People are gonna go nuts spoofing this movie...

Eh, the "Twilight" parody was better.

it's Louise, not Loise ... just sayin'

Is it weird that i would still tap Olivia even when she looks like that?

I'm pretty sure that the other woman is Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri, who is hotter than Olivia Munn.
Her face is a little iffy, but lets be honest, so is Olivia's.
Eva does nude scenes too and doesn't tease her fan base. Mmm, Californication.

Olivia munn makes me want to kill kittehs. GROSE SLUT lmao.

that was horrible

I dug Munn more as a Thundarr Kat, cept for the ears are a lil too (d)Orcy. Screw all you Avatar naybobbers, it wasn't Shakespeare, but then, even he played to the masses. Hopefully, I can catch it again in IMAX before too long.

That made me cry

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