Jan 7 2010I'd Eat It: The Name That Game Cupcake Quiz


Somebody went and made 100 cupcakes, each decorated to resemble a game. Some are analog games, but none of them are the Game. The one you just lost. This is only 25 though, so either hit the jump to see the other 75 or click THIS BIGASS BUTTON TO SEE A BIGASS PICTURE OF THEM ALL.

This is an awesome game that I saw at a party the other day. They people hosting made 100 cupcakes, each one representing a certain game, board, video, or otherwise. This was an amazing effort, considering the detailed work and imagination that went into it.

The goal of the game was to identify all the games from the clues on top of the cupcakes. I challenge you to do the same and leave a note around the cupcake with the name of the game.

Pretty cool, huh? Try to guess as many as you can and then go to Z Andrei's Flickr page HERE for an identification chart. Well, how many did you get? Six huh? That's, uh, that's genuinely f***ing awful.

Hit the jump for the three others.




100 Cupcakes Game [Z Andrei's Flickr]
100 Cupcakes Game [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Drew, who ate like 60 of them before realizing they were even decorated.

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Reader Comments

I'm first and i dont give not even one funk.

Who'd eat art?
I eat art.


I completely lied, These things are EPIC AS FUNK

is that D&D in the bottom of the middle picture? very creative

1 - fart
2 - penis
3 - mega-penis
4 - dinosaur semen
5 - boobs
6 - boobs II
7 - penis II
8 - Pacman
9 - Pacman's penis
10 - ms. pacman gobbles
11 - super mario bangers
12 - sex orgy

not sure about #12 though. : - |

Ha! They have a "Pass the Pigs" Cupcake......GREAT game to play as a drinking game..... ohhhhh the good ol days...... Drunken Monkey at Lucy's Hat Shop on Sunday Mornings........ Yes, MORNING because you can't drink all day, if you don't start in the morning..... just sayin

Dammit! I am SO HUNGRY for cupcakes now!

@1 making you ghey
@4 you didn't lie, you were firstarded & need a good slap in the face
@6 brilliant, I came up with boobs for all of them before reading your results
@12 shut up, you dunno what you're talking about
@fake naas, thank you for filling in for me
@ll of you - happy thursday :)

wow, serious kudos to whoever did these
fucking clouds buster sword and an mortal kombat one, i'd fucking love to bake and/or get baked with this dude

@9 you are WELCOME

@10 I'd prefer the latter..... just sayin

@9 You're welcome

@11 I'm the real one

Let's see..
4 Tic tac toe
5 Yahtzee
6 Mah Jongg
8 Sonic
9 Draughts?
11 Pig
15 Tetris
19 Dominoes
21 Mousetrap
23 Othello
24 Pacman
26 Mastermind
27 Mario
30 Guitar Hero
39 Boggle
46 Snakes and Ladders
48 Battleships
49 Frogger
50 Operation
51 Space Invaders
53 Scrabble
55 Rock Paper Scissors
58 Jenga
62 Duke Nukem
63 Pong
66 Bingo?
67 Monopoly
68 Tomb Raider
69 Backgammon
72 I don't know but text-based games FTW
75 Tower of Hanoi?
76 Upwords
80 Zelda
81 Arkanoid
83 Minesweeper
86 Cluedo?
88 Hungry Hungry Hippos
92 WoW
94 Chess
97 Quake
100 Marbles

What is more pathetic? The fact that I got less than half, or the fact that I bothered to write out a comment listing all the ones I knew?

@13 no me

How can I become a fake naas?


wait....just kidding.

I'd play it only if I get to eat it.

@6 that's what I got too

@9 Funk you, you always oppress me. ALL I WANT IS TO BE LOVED!

I lost.


@20 cure your inner firstard & I will hold you close

FYI - the person who actually came up with the idea/made them also created their own website about it.


Some took the time to decorate all of these? I thought I knew how to waste time.

Don't let me lie... I'm envious of them. Dude, I want a cupcake now.

I'd nom nom nom the hell out of that Dig Dug cupcake.

OMG. And the Battleship one.

That is impressive as hell! Awesome work!

zomg, I want the pac man one so bad.

I love pac man, it's true *sigh*

1. ???
2. Galaga
3. Barrel of Monkeys
4. Tic Tac Toe
5. Yatzee
6. Mahjong
7. ???
8. sonic
9. checkers
10. missile command
11. Pig
12. soul caliber
13. ???
14. Adventure
15. Tetris
16. Spiderman?
17. Asteroids
18. Bejeweled
19. Dominos
20. Candyland
21. Mousetrap
22. Dig Dug?
23. Othello
24. Pacman
25. Donkey Kong
26. Mastermind
27. Mario Bros
28. ???
29. Mahjong
30. Guitar Hero
31. Jacks
32. Charades
33. I used to have this game but can’t remember name
34. Brain Teasers
35. ???
36. ???
37. Joust
38. Sorry
39. Boggle
40. ??
41. Berzerker
42. Texas Hold’em ??
43. Original Arcade Star Wars game?
44. ???
45. Tanks
46. Chutes and Ladders
47. Donkey Kong Jr.
48. Battleship
49. Frogger
50. Operation
51. Space Invaders
52. ???
53. Scrabble
54. Tanks 3D
55. Rocks Paper Scissors
56. ???
57. ???
58. Jenga
59. ???
60. Yars Revenge
61. Chinese Checkers
62. Duke Nukem
63. Pong
64. Defender?
65. Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego
66. Bingo
67. Monopoly
68. Tomb Raider
69. Backgammon
70. Centipede
71. ???
72. Text Based computer RPGs
73. ???
74. ???
75. Tower of Hanoi
76. Upwords
77. ???
78. ???
79. ???
80. Zelda
81. Breakthru
82. Trivia Pursuit
83. Minesweeper
84. ???
85. Qbert
86. Clue?
87. Pitfall
88. Hungry Hungry Hippo
89. Mortal Kombat
90. Life
91. Spin the Bottle
92. Warcraft
93. ???
94. Chess
95. ???
96. Quarters
97. Quake
98. Risk
99. Simon
100. Marbles

80% isn't bad. I'd probably get more but some of the cupcake features are too small to tell.

@Jimmydogballz - well done, more than what I could've identified

@1 Here are some to fill in your gaps--

1- Dungeons & Dragons
7- Tiddley Winks
33- Twixt
35- Carcassonne
35- Cribbage
41- Robotron (not Berzerker)
43- Can't remember the name, but it's an old 80's arcade game.
56- Could be tabletop RPG character sheet
72- Adventure (original was text-based)
73- Apples to Apples
74- Moon Raider
77- Pinball?
78- Yahtzee (score sheet)
79- Milles Bornes
86- Clue (most definitely)
95- Uno

(there are still a few I don't know.)

59- Parcheesi

I found the close-up pics at

I think they should have made a Tron cupcake. that would have been supersweet.

@32 thanks for filling in some blanks

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Yar's Revenge.

Hi Guy's,
That is impressive as hell! Awesome work.I like it!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few more to add to the complete list:

11 Pass the Pigs (to be exact)
13 Stratego ?
16 Crazy Climber (but Spiderman was close)
22 Dig Dug (for certain)
28 Twister (spinner)
34 Scattergories (not Brain Teasers)
43 ? definitely not Star Wars... but I can't think of the name
44 Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation logo)
52 Worms ?
54 Battlezone (not Tanks 3D)
57 ? I'm pretty sure it's a board game from the 80's... but I can't think of it
59 Parcheesi
81 BreakOUT
84 TriviaL Pursuit
93 Outburst

Sorry... 93 is actually Taboo... I got my games confused!

13: hungry hungry hippos

hrmmm...hard to chose a favorite, many to which I've played, loved, and hate. ah, brings back good childhood memories. I have to say tetris. :D

I notice the good ol' game of "Go" is here.

Just for those wondering what text-based game #72 is...

It's Zork (geek bonus points for me). Yes, I'm old enough to have been eaten by a few Grues in my day. What can I say...they like hanging out in dark places and so did I. Now then, if I could just "open door", "walk east", and head home from work so I could throw a serious "sleep" down...all would be good.

@42 I think that is the game they play in one of the episodes of Big Bang Theory (“The Hofstadter Isotope”). Friday night is Chinese Food & Classic Game night..... and it was the buggy beta version..... just sayin

Yeeeessss! Look at CN, bringin it like a CHAMP! Got the game AND referenced it with Big Bang Theory AND brought the actual title of the episode!!!!!!!

We're not worthy, my friend! Extra pound of geek bonus points for you!!!

I thought it was bad enough when my friends made me lose the game, but now i learn the game is national lol

@44 You are indeed worthy my friend.....just sayin

Some I've noticed other people missed.
72. Zork!!!! "It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue"
73. Apples to Apples.

Those look really good and I'm hungry........


They should made Dr. Goo.
Kinda shitty game, but addicting.

Those cupcakes made me starve! :) It'll be nice munching those edible masterpieces while playing Aion or WoW. By the way, did they create a cake inspired by those MMORPGs? I didn't notice any.

I'm a "victim" of Hikaru no Go. Too. ^.^ I shortly after got myself a Go board. Now I play on the server KGS. If anyone were to just try the game they would probably love it as much. I usually visit this site: Game Of Go

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(many numbers laaaater)...

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