Jan 12 2010I Slang Tees Like Weight: Avatar T-Shirt


Because I basically do nothing but sell t-shirts and never see any return on my investment, here's today's tee from Teefury. It's Avatar themed. PLUS Wii themed! Eeeeeeeeeee!! But it's available TODAY ONLY, till midnight central. After that, I'll undoubtedly be featuring tomorrow's shirt. PSYCHE! I'm putting a stop to this right now. Kidding, I'm weak. Plus the kickbacks are too sweet. You hear that, Teefury? I SAID THE KICKBACKS ARE TOO SWEET. *hint hint, nudge nudge* You picking up what I'm putting down? Good, now gather all the chips I dropped behind the couch. Fifteen minute rule!

Teefury (Avatar shirt available today only)

Thanks to Giancarlo, who made a Wii Mii that looks like an actual blue kitty. Like a regular one. One that can't talk. I wanna pet it!

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All this retarded crap is making me not want to go see Avatar...even though it seems like an amazing movie.

I agree with #2, all the Avatar mania is making me not want to see it, even though everyone I know who's seen it thinks it's awesome

@2 ditto, the overhype is starting to kill the whole thing

Yo GW maybe you should take a break from the avatar posts. I'm starting to understand why people are getting depressed. Too far!

need to change the coment next to my name again... any sugestions???? (wow, what a way to set myself up for a load of crap)

@6 youtube links are a hit these days, is the keyboard cat meme still goin strong?

You kidding me? That's what this decade is going to be known for..."The Keyboard Cat Decade"

Just looking at the shirt gets the Mii making music stuck in my head...

@5 People is getting blue?

never heard of the keyboard cat, will have to look it up out of the office....

@11 We have a first time Keyboard Catter...noob

@ 10. Yeah there was a post a little while ago about people getting depressed after watching avatar because it wasn't real. What a bunch of R-tards amiright! (high 5)

yo GW youre a queer!

@14 you're a firsttard who doesn't know how to use grammar...

@6 what is the Pandora philosophy? I've heard of it but I don't know the actual thing. It must be pretty heavy.

@14 Live it! Live it!

STILL haven't seen Avatar. I don't even have a job, and I'm off college. But nope, haven't got 'round to it. Hrnn. I need to watch it tomorrow. Better yet, I could get a job... then... an idea is formulating... I... could.. buy... a projector... and a massive white sheet... and a reel of the 3d version of Avatar... and a lot of 3d specs... use the side of my house at night... charge £4... I am awesome.

@18 i have no fucking idea what the pandora philiosohy is, lol, all i get i get from Geekologie, inspired on the avatar depresion idiots posted by GW a few days ago...

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