Jan 25 2010Heavenly Portal Opens In Porto, Portugal


Any minute now I expect the Four Unicornmen of the Apocalypse to come riding out of that hole on a rainbow and start royally f***ing this world up. Just sayin', an apocalyptic portal just opened in in Porto, Portugal -- grammatical coincidence OR SURE SIGN OF IMPENDING DOOM?! Granted you could argue it's a raindrop or something ridiculous like that but that would make you a conspirator and, quite possibly, a member of the Illuminati. HA, LIKE THEY'D ACCEPT YOU, you're a grocery bagger! Whoa there champ -- eggs in their own bag, please.

Google Maps

Thanks to Thin_icE, who's treading on it if this post isn't well received.

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Great! and I dont even know how to "repent"!! Oh well Satan here come.

@1 @2 your still fail at life firstards!

that's where PC users fall from the sky after being redirected from geekologie

Giant Vaginas attacking!!!!
RUN, before it uses its baby-shooter-cannon at you!!!!!!!!!

Long live the robots.

hello aaron, go to school.

You know, it could just simply be bloody diharrea from a bird. Just sayin'.

I am a douche.

if you look to the left, there's a shark's dorsal fin. JAWS!



nobody cares that this shit is not actually in portugal but in spain, right? i suppose that to the almighty usa it's all the same shit

@14 There's a town of Porto in both Portugal and Spain. This particular heavenly event takes place in Porto, Portugal. Take a look at that map again and zoom out a little.....

@12 bird shitted / rained / gummed / not shopped.

you clearly don't read teh l33tzor blog very often

I'm from PORTUGAL!! and i confirm....
Alguem que tenha duvidas que sou portugues que traduza esta frase no google tradutor.

water droplet

Is it just me, or does that look like Michael Jackson?

looks like the camera guy was eatin' a pomegranate ....and some juice and a seed fell on the lends..

otherwise a portal to a purplish dimension also seems likely to occur in this photo...

Dude, it's a rain drop on the camera casing.

@5 I'm using a PC, and I've never been redirected.

@10 Awwww. You're n... you're nnn... Awwwwwww.

Bird poop and refraction of the red light.

lol ta tudo fdd!

@ppl who said it was a raindrop...

last time I recall, rain isn't purple >:\


its on the lens/camera dome. Bloch is in front of the lamp post

VICTORY! I now aknowledge my country as a real country! *.* I'm so proud!

@25 you are correct sir, unless the lamppost is being eaten by the portal...

Ok, everyone is taking this entire google cam thing too seriously. I'ts a flipping water drop.



É em Espanha, basta andarem um pouco à volta do mapa e verem as tabuletas...


It's in Spain, you just have to move around the map and read the street signs.

n é nd espanha, é portugal mm! fica é mais perto de viana do castelo do que do porto, mas na boa. burros do crl..

Who cares which country it's in, the whole Iberian Peninsula is a shithole, I think the giant vagina really helps the scenery.

I concur with #32

as a portuguese citizen i strongly concur with the 2 above comments. but lets get real... a floating giant vagina would help any country


But, it would smell like raw fish all year round, especially in the summer when everything is burning.

And every month blood would come pouring out and flood everything.

Its an anus

Hmmm... Four Horsemen... Or is it the Combine?
Either way, bow down to our new masters, and maybe they won't kill ALL of us

@36 Now I've mentally shopped goatse onto that image....thanks

@28, 39

@everyone discussing the location
Does it really matter? It's not Porto as we all can see, but we might as well shut the f**k up about it, no one cares.

OH MY GOD!!! I live nearby.... I'm gonna check it out. will bring back news if i'm not sucked into oblivin first.

kum caralho! ta td louco... frederico descobrist alguma cena ou foste sugado pa dentro da vagina? PORTUGAL RULES!!

What, no comments of photoshopping? I'm disappointed in you guys.

"HA, LIKE THEY'D ACCEPT YOU, you're a grocery bagger! Whoa there champ -- eggs in their own bag, please."

Lol, funny post GW!! Good job today, good job.

When you move up and down the street, the smudge moves also. As in, Its not in the sky. Its stationary on the lense.

It's only a matter of time before one of those googlemaps drivers gets bored and we find a giant floating penis in London.

That's a piece of strawberry jellow that God let fall; everybody's knows that eating jellow is like an Hercules task.

that appears every time someone plays a lady gaga song. with it, comes the most fowl stench imaginable, and a dolphin dies somewhere. think about it!

On, and it's in Galicia, Spain, not Portugal. ;)

thats a cool rain drop lol

Spain is gay! This has to be Portugal!
@32 suck my Iberian Peninsula cock

why is shit on the lense of google maps neews. get over it!!!!

lol adorei #50. tambem estava indignada com o #32, e principalmente com o #34 e não sabia bem o que dizer...espectacular!

it's an incoming game from the tv show Reboot

Street Lamp

its an token of the aliens, we will die, noooooooo i don't want die

É mais que óbvio que não é real...

Portugal roads are in really good conditions... Just look around the picture...

Looks like a flower petal to me.

The Iberian Peninsula is a shit hole? LMAO You must be another ugly, fat, ignorant American...the Iberian Peninsula is gorgeous and has more history and beautiful architecture then all of America put together! America sucks compared to Spain or any country in Europe...and this does NOT look like a vagina...dirty minded people. Oh and to the guy who said Spain is “gay” lol at least Spanish women are beautiful and don’t look like Portuguese women who usually look like men!

So it couldnt be the rain or something? A drop of water on the lins?...

where is this exactly? i wanna find it on google earth, LOL.

Just a drop of water on camera lens :P

i'd like to inform you, that this is not in Porto (Portugal), this is in Galiza (Spain).
You got it all wrong ;)


you guys do know he's just kidding with the whole apocalypse thing right? :P
and it is a rain drop its just that when you look at a camera lense its purple right? wrong? right? and the inside of a raindrop reflects some light aye? see where im coming from? purple lense? reflection from raindrop? purple reflection? hmmmm seeeeeee? aaah never mind.... ¬ ¬

Its just bird shit. Yes, birds sometimes shit purple because of the berries they eat.

oh shit...
i live in Portugal...

It is a rain drop on the camera's dome. The water drop is distorting the view of the rain clouds above the camera.

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